Kumpulan SN (A-Z)

A – Z
Software, Username/serial number dengan website utk donlot nya

#1 DVD Audio Ripper 1.0.33 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 90C84A01-5A123607-2FA15BF0-A89D9482-B3AD13F5-E5F57562-A7C869E3-A6EF5C57www.dvdtox.com
#1 DVD Ripper (SE) 1.3.40 Name: tDS Crew s/n: 30872895-339863D1-F9C7A927-C8363D4E-DB435D1F-84331102-C5445F70-8F9C5436www.dvdtox.com
007 MP3 Sound Recorder 1.2 S/N: 56090-546225C16A83 SN: 60C48-E4E225D17A83 SN: 4C3CC-F4C265F12A83 By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.007-dvd.com/download/mp3007.exe
1-More PhotoCalendar 1.80 Name: CRUDE S/N: 2509-8079-4200 mail:crude@scene.org By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.1-more-photocalendar.com/
1stclass Professional 4000 S/N: 1st4000982940nmw (null)
24×7 Automation Suite 3.4.24 s/n: 07691-5914730-07691www.softtreetech.com
2Flyer Screensaver Builder Pro 7.4 S/N: cByeigeGobOEPN9m reg no.:006300086440 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.2flyer.com/
3D Canyon Flight Screensaver 2.0 S/N: Name: Karen Buttram S/N: ZNDR-Q5MKVWC2CQA5-MNZX name: teabag master code: CMRX-5EBUYUTQYT4J-SNAA Type in registration. Do NOT copy and paste.http://www.digimindsoft.com
3D Flash Animator 4 Release 5 4 Release 5 S/N: 11718363936http://www.3dfa.com/
3D Mark 1.0.2 S/N: 3DM06-EQF5A-HFTZC-EMX03-WVYR7-HSP65 or 3DM06-LUZ4X-6KSDC-Y0XF9-Q27K0-CPVNR (null)
3D MP3 Sound Recorder 3.8.12 Name: Beatrix Kiddo S/N: register with this name:Beatrix Kiddo_1M2 serial:MFJ5RK-S3I97I-AF7KDD-REHKKM-VCIFJW-8QEOF2 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.tongsoft.com
3D MP3 Sound Recorder 3.9 Name: THOR_MESTER_673 S/N: 9KB6PT-OCUUW4-EF4FG9-LLTVC5-4BCIHH-YLJ9PS by____THOR_MESTERhttp://www.tongsoft.com
3DMaek 2006 v 1.0.2 S/N: 3DM06-0FCET-YKWY4-6Y9DE-80HVQ-HLF89 i’ve got this one from the FFF keygen.www.futuremark.com
3DMark06 v. 102 S/N: 3DM06-EQF5A-HFTZC-EMX03-WVYR7-HSP65http://www.futuremark.com
3DMark06 v1.0.2 S/N: 3DM06-B9T6R-R46UX-8E0FV-DWQQ5-0Y4MJ 3DM06-L5T3U-Q2JQ2-N2A2F-4JNUJ-C2CC7 3DM06-KXYE8-WMJYP-RNX5V-23MZD-8SL8M 3DM06-EQF5A-HFTZC-EMX03-WVYR7-HSP65 3DM06-LUZ4X-6KSDC-Y0XF9-Q27K0-CPVNRhttp://www.futuremark.com
3gp converter S/N: IUSGZYO64JCH5YM2BLIABD70-3832-59A7-98FD (null)
3GP to GIF JPEG Converter 1.0 s/n: 3gp20-0927www.avimpeg.net
602Print Pack Name: the unlokcer S/N: CP5CME-STL4YM-999-0X8DZGVFXwww.software602.com/
7 Download Services 3.2.5 s/n: 6262-6457-6652-6854-7049-7244www.smrksoft.com
8signs Firewall Remote Administration Tool 2.3 S/N: 4400-3DXM-29XM-L3PR sn:4467-187M-DR45-R3HE sn:4426-4TB6-3YHR-AFGB By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.8signs.com/
8Signs Firewall 2.3 S/N: 4452-23CY-LFPY-7X52 sn:4403-1VH2-FXUE-2FD8 sn:4442-56G7-B56L-C8DL By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.8signs.com/

A1 DVD Audio Ripper 1.1.31 s/n: 0A6C63BD17EF881B4C7D87328E8059EE8557www.dvdapp.com
A1 DVD Audio Ripper 1.1.45 s/n: 2A984B44R5D16C0F79I6C630361058421A0Ewww.dvdapp.com
A1 DVD Ripper Professional 1.1.11 Name: BRD Cult s/n: 1EE3A63A966BBA39251CE2111A6BE51Awww.dvdapp.com
A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner 1.01.27 s/n: notHinGbUtthEbiBlEwww.superwin.com
A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner 1.01.28 s/n: notHinGbUtthEbiBlEwww.superwin.com
abbyy finereader 8.0 8.0 professional edition S/N: FPEF-8000-0000-0000-8564 (null)
Absoft Fortran Pro 9.0.x86 s/n: 777344-GMXS-SSG6-FGFG-GF3G-6www.absoft.com
Absolute MP3 Splitter and Converter 2.2.18 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: eh=F3GgZ3EcZZz4KzTz1jz0USbIjXzi3Oawww.iaudiosoft.c om
Absolute Video Converter 2.5.15 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: Drb35Ek1MpbvJZaynnBaE9191pdS55eJEqwww.iaudiosoft.c om
Absolute Video to Audio Converter 2.6.2 Name: Brainrain s/n: aNnfpufLNggQI1czdawww.iaudiosoft.com
Absolute Video to Audio Converter 2.6.6 Name: alkavour S/N: AjyXkh5A9fxIRl7iUy By Alkavour (24/01/2006)www.iaudiosoft.com
AC Browser Plus Name: Team EXPLOSiON s/n: ACBR-0C162E27-038F537F-0488-0620www.konradp.com
AC Browser Plus 2.4.1 Name: Team EXPLOSiON s/n: ACBR-10E9218B-056914A2-0488-0608www.konradp.com
Accessory File Viewer 5.0 s/n: 21C53W62www.accessoryware.com
Accessory Picture Viewer Max 4.0 s/n: 81B32K41www.accessoryware.com
Accountant Pro 8.7xx Name: any name S/N: F8700-3104436 (null)
ACDSee PRO Photo Manager 8.0.67 S/N: DNNDVH-3348T-35HJV7-3226FGZ By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.acdsystems.com/
Ace Video Workshop 1.4.39 Name: alkavour S/N: 672A5F30-106C4F1E-C69ADAB8-B2D23B6C-52CEAC7B-26384CE2-0A544DA4-D90673F0 By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.avi2vcd.net/index.htm
AceHTML Pro 6.05.1 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: JNG5-SPPP-MYBT-ECDVwww.visicommedia.com
AceHTML Pro 6.05.2 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: JNG5-SPPP-MYBT-ECDVwww.visicommedia.com
Acme CAD Converter 5.75 S/N: 8RDVLILP4LDVLPF388XIA697N9L92DNELUJ4G0USD5GETFQVXF 1E26BAY1YDRR8 By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.freefirestudio.com/cadconvert.htm
Active Desktop Calendar 5.0.050224 s/n: 871194-10510020-890www.xemico.com
Actual Worktime 1.0 Name: NiTROUS s/n: AWT-3WU7W-2P65M-9HL4Dwww.actualworktime.com
Actual Worktime 1.1 Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: AWT-3CJ7P-2V65E-9JR4Uwww.actualworktime.com
AdLabPlus 2.71 Name: Administrator Adress: Team TMG s/n: 44013www.weberconnect.de
Adobe Audition 1.5 S/N: 1137-1412-9673-2576-8300-9286 (null)
Advanced ACT Password Recovery 2.03 S/N: ACTP-36B6-TNNE-TUZX-XASBF-TXRK-QCDEG By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.elcomsoft.com
Advanced Archive Password Recovery 3.01.7 S/N: ARCHPR-TBHW5SSMYGQS-3KQ2E6E9CU4S4BMN By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.elcomsoft.com
Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery 2.90 S/N: MGPR-8HPY-WP3D-MX6F-AWURW-NGNX-BNTSF By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.elcomsoft.com
Advanced MP3 WMA Recorder 5.9 Name: BRD s/n: 0B37-187D-6362-1B15www.xaudiotools.com
Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom Pro 2.3.5 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY S/N: single:73EFG04GE0 site:53R3T55T08 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.eduiq.com/netmon.htm
Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom 4.3.6 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: SN Single: 36IAKABK04 SN Site: 7BN7P12P7B By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.eduiq.com/dwn/advnetmon.exe
Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery 1.33 S/N: AOLPR-MCARW-56259-HTDNH-25245 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.elcomsoft.com
advanced system optimizer 2 S/N: 0Z15YH-C41M2U-T7GVVG-YCA0PB-6NP01H (null)
Advanced Tetric 5.0 Name: Beatrix Kiddo s/n: ABHNB-VLUWL-N83JE-875RX velowaver.com
Advanced VBA Password Recovery Pro 1.60 S/N: AVPRP-COMM-NCYVD-58735-RYAZX-97856 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.elcomsoft.com
Advanced ZIP Password Recovery 4.00.24 S/N: 00003112193920061941FFS2QECMAQQUJWMH By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.elcomsoft.com/azpr.html
Adware Agent 4.81 s/n: 10408312www.killersoftware.com
Agenda Pr900 French Name: BS s/n: VB8100736 mxgs.viirex.com
Ahead Nero 7 Ultra Edition S/N: 1C82-0010-8011-0000-6136-3562-3612 (null)
Ahead Nero Ultra Edition V. S/N: 5C82-0010-8011-0000-9016-5244-5274http://www.nero.com/deu/index.html
Akram Audio Converter 2.13 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: e91de1b2156316b486fc4d654156313156318f4d41bfwww.ak ramsoft.com
Alap Imposer Pro 1.1.4 S/N: IPSR114-07979-75653-64681-W (null)
AlgoLab Photo Vector 1.98.53 Name: TEAM HERETiC S/N: 011MU2MASPR7GM4TC0B email:heretic@inter.net By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.algolab.com/Photovector.htm
Algolab Raster to Vector Conversion Toolkit 2.95 Name: TEAM HERETiC S/N: 011MU2MASPR7GM4HTC0B Licenses:1 Email:heretic@inter.net By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.algolab.com/
Alien Skin Eye Candy for Adobe Photoshop 5.1 s/n: EFJNAMIEEJBJwww.alienskin.com
All Video to VCD SVCD DVD Converter 2.1.0 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: bxHxWme+58KAGIPhagomUYLfkSsrnMO4Lk3wlzSbyNv+c5f8gq http://www.anytodvd.com
Allok AVI MPEG Converter 1.42 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY S/N: 7EEDDFF8-BF10F82F-B9BB798C-21FF0F65-15FD80C1-75D9FCE9-85D72CD3-9C3CC844 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.alloksoft.com/
Allok AVI MPEG WMV RM to MP3 Converter 1.46 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY S/N: 9496042E-2D624DD6-3F891F4D-2A85531E-33E5D451-D01B6089-B9888CAF-5E31C588 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.alloksoft.com/
Allok AVI to DVD SVCD VCD Converter 1.58 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY S/N: 8B81429C-2961AB2C-6593C915-32B4F65C-C706C960-72750AD2-23AAABB4-BC1105A7 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.alloksoft.com/
Allok WMV to AVI MPEG DVD WMV Converter 1.58 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY S/N: 2FD08162-C407AA50-08BDC4A8-40A43F1E-45304108-B22AA20B-3D95A4A9-D99729FE By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.alloksoft.com/
Alo RM to MP3 Converter 1.13 Name: Brainrain s/n: c5e27526d5d612bb3c2b14615959b91bwww.alosoft.com
Alpeak CD Anywhere 1.8 S/N: PCD10C91C1ADCEDC5D06 SN: GC1C591F01A3D2B538E8 SN: SCDF3DF848A403238D18 By Alkavour (23/01/2006)http://www.alpeak.com/english/
Always On Time Name: REVENGE CREW S/N: 138943469 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.bpssoft.com
aMac Address Change 5.0 S/N: 68149572251260 sn:25360726296294 By Alkavour (07/01/2006)http://amac.paqtool.com
Amazing Slow Downer 2.73 Name: UnderPl s/n: DF5-65P-ZS-8Kwww.ronimusic.com
Amazon DVD Shrinker 2.4.2 Name: alkavour S/N: bn6=rPzug8RQplF7Mq By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.videoexe.com/amazondvdshrink.exe
Amor AVI DivX to VCD SVCD DVD Converter 2.4 Name: alkavour S/N: bFd1vZvoctOelqYK+duIYLsKHZOD2lHVApExYvArmxCz7kfUYq By Alkavour (23/01/2006)http://www.zealot-soft.com/
Amor Photo Downloader 1.5 Name: BRD S/N: 048E823B878B447FE03BE311904DCA61E3BE64 By Alkavour (23/01/2006)http://www.zealot-soft.com/
AMUST Registry Cleaner 2.1 Name: REVENGE CREW S/N: 59856b9790f8936393f9cf23300aa8a1 Email: none@none.no By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://amustsoft.com
Anniversary Bios 2.4 s/n: 2056W475872www.symphonicsoftware.com
Anti Tracks 6.0.1 Name: crysalis S/N: A641-44BC-FEEA-1110-1CE2-094A-E28A-D15F-C46C-A3A3-E7E1-8997-C97E-624C By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.rightutilities.com/
Anti-Boss Key 3.91 Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: 5D95-BF1Cwww.mindgems.com
Antilop TV Sat Remote Programmer 1.1 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: Email: crackteam@bg-warez.org Key: E60F-43EF-6CD3-4462 By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.antilopsoft.com/tvsat.zip
Antivir Personal Edition 6.X S/N: Einfach eine Textdatei erstellen und diesen Text in sie hinein kopieren: H+BEDV Products License Key File 49-GDN-190-QVS-349 (null)
Anti-virus Personal Pro 5.0.390 S/N: 02d6-00006b-0007ec91 (null)
AnyDVD S/N: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SlySoft\AnyDVD\Key] “Key”=”0FAkPlBRHIiONqWrVIzyho57r3aEN3KvUtKO6OViRwz igEMLeKIqXHKMAmGBp6nrYVpty25/OuSxgbMPXxPYG5CnhtT68+KHpYnZwrpxSaC2/1fDIBjhXiQ7SlaVm4hoJ/9oAN8WQ0mc8ZszEzGcKIvaGzNjh4khs2+aUMDDsRzJdRZG0F6V DYP8B+ 1. create file Key.AnyDVD with content REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SlySoft\AnyDVD\Key] “Key”=”0FAkPlBRHIiONqWrVIzyho57r3aEN3KvUtKO6OViRwz igEMLeKIqXHKMAmGBp6nrYVpty25/OuSxgbMPXxPYG5CnhtT68+KHpYnZwrpxSaC2/1fDIBjhXiQ7SlaVm4hoJ/9oAN8WQ0mc8Zsz (null)
AP Muenze Pro German 3.09 s/n1: 53021 Name: Lutz Laub s/n2: 151272509www.muenze-online.de
Apollo DivX to DVD Creator 2.0 Name: THOR_MESTER S/N: 095D5DEB-C3829F62-7B5B4148-7C941EB5-FFCC56D2-0F595445-88463E3A-9747B251 HELÓ__http://www.createdvd.net/apodvdcreator.exe
Apollo DivX to DVD Creator 2.0.0 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: F882865B-737A2844-003D950C-A0F70E5A-0403CA18-796CED30-B9778AB9-6D9BAD71 By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.createdvd.net/apodvdcreator.exe
Apollo PSP Video Converter 2.0.1 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: 32435324-7B8DABE6-66BBA347-6ECB27EE-642B544E-57681246-CBC8512F-85FCCDCF By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.alltomp4.com/apopspvideo.exe
Apollo Versatile Burner 3.0.0 Name: alkavour S/N: BD9CFD65-35CEDB50-5F39BE6A-B74828C3-4795C2CA-0B89D3F4-B38CEDFA-C2FCFA7A By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.apollo-tech.com
Ardamax Keylogger 2.4 Name: REVENGE CREW S/N: VRWQWPDWRTBXBRT (null)
Arial Audio Converter 2.1.6 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: fFrow5Y=f2RwlmtU2B+p5HIEHmneTMl9zqwww.xrlly.com
Arial CD Ripper 1.3.80 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: edda9e251cc3d9b84960a2e077b2e6fdwww.xrlly.com
Arial CD Ripper 1.4.4 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY S/N: edda9e251cc3d9b84960a2e077b2e6fd By Alkavour (24/01/2006)www.xrlly.com
Arial Sound Recorder 1.2.5 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: Hwi7g7Lss55r70WtbMSGUOYCtMh+LJKSwww.xrlly.com
Armor Tools 4.0 s/n: 1436418372-BLZ-3717025688www.wintools.net
Ashampoo Burning Studio 5 5 S/N: 545136 (null)
Ashampoo Magic Defrag 1.10 S/N: AMDGA5-77HS10-KHT11P sn:AMDGAN-770RFC-4YX3DN sn:AMDGAB-77X4CE-UBF4FX By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.ashampoo.com/
Ashampoo Photo Commander 4 Name: Sheena Sudan S/N: APHC04-77D50E-CDE9BC no more need for windows media player, winamp, etc. to play movies and songs it is best ever all in one apllication.www.ashampoo.com
Ashampoo Photo Commander 4.00 S/N: APHCB0-7771AC-116CACwww.ashampoo.com
Atani 3.3.0 s/n: 6V0XMNIU757www.atani-software.net
Atomic Mail Sender 2.90 S/N: DV5jMEzhms6CqHyryS sn:ziA5LcNqo7aCMlayrF sn:lH9hkyoyhUpdGl7IWl By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.amailsender.com/
Audio Edit Magic s/n: AEM5942714www.mp3editmagic.com
Audio Notes Recorder 6.1 S/N: 199808-101868C5-184 (null)
AudioGrail Name: REVENGE CREW S/N: 61089114095081129078114032079065076132 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.kcsoftwares.com
AudioList Plus 3.7.6 Name: AGAiN tEAM s/n: 12448www.wakefieldsoft.com
Auftrag Name: TEAM ACME s/n1: AU151070873 s/n2: 23274256www.zwahlen-informatik.ch
Aurora MPEG To DVD Burner 4.78 Name: alkavour S/N: 3863FDD3-1F4735C6-85F957E6-598FEDB0-900328C5-0B30D931-D8B925F2-A38F9DAC By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.mediatox.com/
Aurora Video VCD SVCD DVD Converter And Creator 4.1.7 Name: BRD Cult s/n: FB7A58CD-002BAFDC-4C56DF3E-E39F27AE-5EE0F935-B4DF19E4-0303B2F6-E9FB39C0www.mediatox.com
Auto Cleaner 3.0 Name: nGen team s/n: dc4ea7acc09552de0f3f7f1b8834e851www.superscan.net
Auto MP3 Player Win2kXP 1.20 Name: CRUDE s/n: 123456X188035www.lifsoft.com
Auto Power on and Shut down 1.44 s/n: JXA?Speak to the hand<5026<=90www.lifsoft.com 656=”2614:=” rel=”nofollow” href=”http://www.alleysoft.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”>http://www.alleysoft.com/
AutoRun Pro Enterprise Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: S/N:0018A901AAB74AEB Key:068A26A851CAA0F9http://www.longtion.com/autorunenterprise/ARPESetup40.exe
AutoScreenRecorder Pro 2.1.285 S/N: license type:single user number of users:1 license key:AS2P-VZ9Y-D6AE-035V-OZI@ or license type:custom number of users:99 license key:AS2P-999O-B0KG-945F-3XSL By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.wisdom-soft.com/products/…enrecorder.htm
AuVer 1.48.2 s/n: 1113/s2060160/8T37www.saonet.de
AV VCS Diamond 4.0 S/N: 14022483 (null)
avast! 4 Professional Edition Download 4.6 S/N: S3659261R0021S1021-A9PAH1AZ S3405626R0021S1021-2UR9U6SJ S4615515R0021S1021-1UBP0XW1 Excelent!!!! Two years freehttp://www.avast.com
avast!_Professional_Edition 4.6.744 S/N: C5825354R0021S1021-P3B4MHYH (null)
AVConverter MP3 Converter Pro 4.1.18 Name: Team Linezer0 S/N: C0F44CC0-14E3CBD1-47C9F60B-3C544ACF By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.avconverter.com/
AVG Anti-virus 7.1 build 371 S/N: 70-TF10Z1-P5-C02-SCM5Y-J4S-3HQJ this one works (null)
AVGA Antivirus 7.1 Build 371 S/N: 70-THXMV1-PJ-C21-SACQY-3WN-KKS8 (null)
AVI DivX MPEG to DVD Converter and Burner Pro 1.6.0 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: dN5Xg3xk4celaJ6TsCvQnkR4pK81ltwrAHrDSWOPeksATuQQt1 quh6gwww.anytodvd.com
Awesome 3-Card Poker 1.0a Name: UnderPl Team s/n: 1812642www.simplyawesomesoftware.com
Awesome 50-Play Poker 1.0a Name: UnderPl Team s/n: 2742202www.simplyawesomesoftware.com
Awesome Let-It-Ride 1.0a Name: UnderPl Team s/n: 1254906www.simplyawesomesoftware.com
Awesome Triple-Play Poker 1.0a Name: UnderPl Team s/n: 4136542www.simplyawesomesoftware.com
Awesome Video Poker 1.0a Name: UnderPl Team s/n: 790126www.simplyawesomesoftware.com
AXIALIS ICON WORKSHOP corporate edtion 6.0 S/N: 33513544-02633-02553-62824-35121 (null)
Backup Made Simple 5.1.186 S/N: 1649-6DF1-62E7-E3B3 SN: 2CD6-72AE-E334-4CA5 SN: 26E9-01EB-E297-993A By Alkavour (24/01/2006)www.willowsoft.com
Backup Made Simple 5.1.91 s/n: 2D3E-8A23-E963-A299www.willowsoft.com
Backup Made Simple 5.1.92 s/n: S6m4-cHc9-8256-337Ewww.willowsoft.com
Backup To CD-RW 5.1.91 s/n: 7C2C-88B9-538B-A42Ewww.willowsoft.com
Backup To CD-RW 5.1.92 s/n: CIlH-1fR9-915C-C33Ewww.willowsoft.com
Bandes Annonces Extractor 4.0.5c s/n: VGHK-SDLC-MPLU baextractor.free.fr
Basic Inventory Control 5.0.115 Name: TEAM ACME s/n: 8600410www.microguru.com
Batch Image Resizer 2.10 Name: Team EXPLOSiON s/n: M6DWYIRG6C4X5K56www.anytodvd.com
Batch Image Resizer 2.16 Name: Team EXPLOSiON S/N: M6DWYIRG6C4X5K56 By Alkavour (12/01/2006)www.anytodvd.com
Batch Image Resizer 2.16 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: 3XUSYRHRIAQ3RIF6 By Alkavour (14/01/2006)www.anytodvd.com
Batch Image Resizer 2.18 S/N: Email: bauerlindemann@laxity.ru Key: MNSMMCHI3N7YU7PP By Alkavour (29/01/2006)www.anytodvd.com
Batch Image Reziser 2.15 S/N: email : www@serials.ws sn: FMFL5A68IX2VLQGRwww.jklnsoft.com
Batch Video Converter 1.8.0 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: ArU22Ll7sDJJqwiHA0nZ4o7XopCu7DIYTlzqHsIICrO76NhITy http://www.anytodvd.com
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BCAD For Tablet PC Versions (Furniture Pro) 3.9.723 s/n: MP05GE-3730913www.propro.ru
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Belltech ScreenSmart 3.0 S/N: Name: Buttercup Serial: 12400107Mv{1496035 (null)
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CloneDVD S/N: 435AL48LSX5M5 (null)
Colored ScrollBars 1.1 s/n: 2h8v4c5uMi16 yaldex.com
Combustion 3.x S/N: serial: 341-12345678 activation code: 978e421f (null)
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counter strike 1.6 S/N: S/N: AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA Note: works also for “CounterStrike: Condition Zero” Retail. (null)
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero 1.0 S/N: 5ZN2D-DHZ4F-3HWVC-DYVQG-MBHJB (null)
CPU Guard 1.2.22 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: 606618-0137-8291-5984-0FC5EFE1 By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.sysint.no/nedlasting/SetupCpuGuard.zip
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Crystal Player Professional 1.96 S/N: 00022831EC81D740DCC40A3BFA479DF4E9F80F2CEB2E405C42 2F5C5134A26E7F2BD39FDF932E67992037B296A801DCFA44AB 6C7F53BF886B4ECE6D33CD55CB9F5118992FFDABCA1E837094 48AF5D4A46FA0FD5C7F1B9C52BB6160A1D71602FC0437575A9 DFFE3692294CFAFB6025AA820D7DA1460FAD0E5E1A1B45BEE7 D12CChttp://www.crystalplayer.com
Crystal Reports Activation Number 9, 10, 11 S/N: 8013180283 (null)
CurveMeister for Adobe Photoshop 2.1.0b S/N: WSG-CXT-ERU By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.enfull.com/download3.asp?…7&soft=enfull1
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Dawn of War 1.0 S/N: 1e6a-1d77-3492-844e (null)
DB Blob Editor 2.5 Name: REVENGE CREW S/N: 54912-252150-6507217 By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.withdata.com
DearDiary 2.04 S/N: S018H133I270V3 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.sgssoft.com
Deluxe Ski Jump 3 1.4.0 Name: Arne Sandsether S/N: 0028-8517-1688-1354-7981 Delete the license.cfg located in the user data and type the serial in the game.Good luck! (null)
Demonstration Screen 1.4 Name: 4kusN!ck S/N: EGAFADDGCGCDBCFF Mail: 4kusNick@revenge-crew.com Quantity: 100 By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.oleansoft.com/dscreen.htm
Der Brockhaus 2006 2006 S/N: DU5WW-EV34-KYLT (null)
DeskCalc FiStWare 3.0.6 Name: Team EXPLOSiON Company: Team EXPLOSiON s/n: TAX-V3-K7AICKGUwww.deskcalc.com
DeskCalc TaxPro 3.2.1 Name: .:Team ACME 2005:. S/N: Firma:ACME Inc. serial:CAL-V3-SSHZTYGOA By Alkavour (14/01/2006)www.deskcalc.com
DeskCalc TaxPro 3.3.1 Name: .:Team ACME 2005:. Company: ACME Inc. s/n: CAL-V3-SSHZTYGOAwww.deskcalc.com
Developer Express CodeRush for Visual Studio 1.1.44 S/N: 2004-5F75-104DC7BD-029338 sn:2004-5D76-F0B88C26-705511 sn:2004-C9F5-94E8A1FB-243708 By Alkavour (24/01/2006) (null)
Developer Express Refactor Pro for Visual Studio 1.0.31 S/N: 2005-5388-330310E5-010780 sn:2005-CEFB-A6CC4053-186502 sn:2005-5D76-E6AEFE24-695611 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.devexpress.com/
Diashow pro 9.0 S/N: 0H15J8C6A3C0J6G7I38 (null)
Dictionnaire Robert Collins français anglais v.5 2002 S/N: XIFR8-77NBS-QJ0QH-C9FVF (null)
Die Sims Deutsch S/N: 114647-933076-400627-7067 (null)
Digital Audio Editor 4.7 Name: Anything S/N: Company: Anything Code…: DAE5946742 By Alkavour (12/01/2006)http://www.audioeditor.us/
Diner dash 1.2 Name:www.bestserial.com S/N: PTB6R-GAEUL-VOPVJ (null)
DirWatcher Pro 2.3.176 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY Company: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 935-9487566-7128www.polarsoft.de
Disk Director Server 10.0 S/N: English sn: XE8WX-GBBQG-2FSDD-F2WRB-D7AT7 German sn: T7QUR-G6F42-JNCU4-547ZV-3QGC6 Russian sn: MZ32P-J39GF-HYGZK-PKFW7-KTZZ8 French sn: QVBW8-WN5K2-ABSUJ-VGEPQ-KUS6X Czech sn: 3HN9R-DFGW6-4L7UB-MSDR5-PV2AR By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.acronis.com
Disk Director Suite 10.0 S/N: English sn: VDUWK-YDRPX-4KU5C-393ZA-EME7B German sn: PWN8K-KNG32-8D9VN-VMS2D-VGQQ8 Russian sn: ZSYLT-K8VE5-HSPFH-98AM3-XCAG5 French sn: 25QUK-XMR6B-KK9MW-QRKEM-AJDRD Czech sn: 65X7K-S4U3H-NKLGQ-LDY97-VQ3BK By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.acronis.com
Disk Director Suite 10.0.2077 S/N: English sn: N4NEC-UQYMF-MX2DX-2U4SK-NCNAP German sn: 2RKXK-U525C-FATTM-ESNMR-2N7C2 Russian sn: PLC6N-Y7CMX-ELXHG-42HQ3-AFF9S French sn: 3ZTB4-KAPJY-5PT5R-NSJPH-8MGHT Czech sn: F8672-VPRBH-XVKXG-3UFDP-TDV2K By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.acronis.com
DiskGrabber s/n: 4679-3856-0577-9574www.softpile.com
DiskView 3.3 Name: Simon Cranmer S/N: VB7ZQH-WCXA3Z-ZA63Y0-A492AP-KN6G5D-C4T8RA-72NVXU-0QPUJEhttp://www.diskview.com/
DivX Create Bundle 6.11 S/N: ZDIJTNUJ78RYAVVRZYFC sn:EDKUPVNV3GRKJ8BWTVHD sn:YVAUJN6Z3CMYFHC7YAYC By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.divx.com/
DivxToDVD 2 S/N: M4MLW – SPE4Q – UPLTV – QP6AV – 8S8Y9 – Lhttp://www.vso-software.fr/
Doc-O-Matic Pro 5.0 Name: MySTiC S/N: company:SSG sn:eqWPGWL38+MO1vfSstB1g5vxkm1YkxRwaWps9xcJ By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.doc-o-matic.com/
Documents To Go 8 S/N: Registration # 9854862-9094 Activation # 8E5F-9600E94B612Fwww.dataviz.com
Documents To Go Symbian UIQ S/N: 350443-10-372640-0www.dataviz.com
DoInventory Plus 3.7.6 Name: AGAiN tEAM s/n: 10693www.wakefieldsoft.com
Driver Genius Professional 2005 6.0.1882 S/N: License Quantity : 1 Registration Name : TEAM TBE 2005 Registration Code : K8ENE-RY5EKQY68RKVDX5 (null)
DriveSitter Name: Team EXPLOSiON s/n1: 23015 s/n2: DS-7X1ZNY5U-URNPZ1Y3-Y8S3Z4S7-0Q9X5OU0-L5U91TT1:Z0.V8U81YV2www.otwesten.de
DSL Speed 3.1 Name: TEAM TBE s/n: PDDI33L6JTW6www.dsl-speed.org
Dual Burner For MP3 Players 2005 Name: tam/CORE s/n1: 379340380 s/n2: 5F7F00AE2600www.net-burner.com
Dual DVD Copy Gold 4.07 Name: iNDUCT S/N: 6H0>Q-AOEOM-3EVY3 By Alkavour (23/01/2006)http://dualdvdcopy.com/
DVD Audio Extractor 3.5.0 S/N: DA1X6ZY5EPOD snA1XHSUIWIKX snA1XYKHTOAWJ By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.castudio.org/dvdaudioextractor/index.htm
DVD CD Data Burner 2005 Name: tam/CORE s/n1: 379340380 s/n2: 435F9AF83A00www.net-burner.com
DVD PixPlay 2.23 Name: Team@EXPLOSiON.2005 s/n: dpp2cmr37ex5sb2vqe9hnii43www.xequte.com
DVDComposer V.1.0.5 Name: Knugen S/N: 1089B0EA45B849F8 (null)
DVDInfoPro 4.36 S/N: 92604-07715-95927-44862-75228 sn:38653-66429-81012-15195-43738 By Alkavour (07/01/2006)http://www.dvdinfopro.com/
dw 22 S/N: 34354435 (null)
DynSite 1.11.780.5 Name: TEAM ACME s/n. 06717-251 noeld.com
Easy CD-DA Extractor E-Mail: howard.young@rheintal.com s/n: 000015-KKZNJG-GFRDM3-4M8DEA-5A5QTM-WJQG1N-JZMXD0-URZAJZ-DW1NND-QPYYKGwww.poikosoft.com
Easy Contacts Manager 1.35.DC10152005 Name: nGen 2oo5 s/n: Con6-53F62bsar-F623www.lenosoft.com
Easy DVD Extractor 1.2.3 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: Q@DH083108W10W3108Qwww.witcobber.com
Easy File Sharing Web Server 3.0 Name: TeFmEXPLOSisNL S/N: Yrc8gUW4xBmwk07I9zEk0OwQfD3C By Alkavour (07/01/2006)http://www.sharing-file.com/
Easy Quittung Name: Team ACME s/n1: EQ141411 s/n2: 91388103www.zwahlen-informatik.ch
EaysTagger 2.2 build 193 Name: Fade S/N: C6C29346http://www.istoksoft.com
eBible For Palm OS 1.0 S/N: 9G49-00XB-EPAL-A09V (null)
Edit4Win 2.02 s/n: 91-36C6322B-E700-980D-EQTETU-77710F-78328-X9075ACwww.edit4win.de
EditExt 5.5 DC10212005 s/n: EP-0285123456789www.alcodasoftware.com
E-Ditor 3.0 build 1090 Name: EGOiST s/n: 0679859299A8BFwww.e-ditor.com
Einkaufsplaner 6.0.1 s/n: SW5RI7F94Mwww.rolandwagnersoftware.de
Elegance Technologies C-Sharpener for VB 2.0 s/n: 9D115115591454315C1D4Bwww.elegancetech.com
Email Pump Engine 2.03 Name: NiTROUS s/n: 594i376fwww.offsitelabs.com
Email Pump 2.02 Name: NiTROUS s/n: 594i376fwww.offsitelabs.com
EngInSite PHP Editor Name: ESH-B7195D S/N: 44F2B-5977A-D337A-6F4DE By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.enginsite.com
Enteo Citrix Management Suite 5.8.91 s/n1: 34-8570-880472 s/n2: 3B91DF0BBC3G7F59B5DAwww.enteo.com
Enteo NetInstall Enterprise 5.8.1236 s/n1: 12-4602-935557 s/n2: 52F19GBD55A658F4CBD1www.enteo.com
eovia carrara v4 pro S/N: RF40CRD-001336-PWW works (null)
Equity Evaluator 6.0.3 Name: TeaM BRD s/n1: 989898 s/n2: eu6GRJfWdbEmewXGEgfMxbyIewww.net-equities.com
EWIDO ANTI MALWARE 3.5 S/N: 3925-6307-8316-9835 9623-8715-1629-9638
Ewido Security Suite 3.5 S/N: 3925-6307-8316-9835 9623-8715-1629-9638 2647-9115-6675-4837 7557-3204-8123-2239 (null)
Exact Word 5.2.5 s/n: EPS-8745475506497www.alcodasoftware.com
Exe Warpper 2.1 s/n: RGNXHZGRJDHNJZCBBYDBDDCFY-533FV2www.533soft.com
Executable File Icons Changer 3.85 s/n: IESY-QGQC-SIME-MCOY-3571 exeico.softboy.net
Executable File Icons Changer 4.0 s/n: 9#81119129YPPSSUANX0INF1GOSMITKGPNZPOWOF4 exeico.softboy.net
EximiousSoft GIF Creator 2.51 S/N: 9859664036 By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.eximioussoft.com/
eXPert PDF 2 Professional 2 S/N: B117-70A9-8469-44AD-C29F-E4A7 (null)
eXPert PDF 2 Standard 2 S/N: 7B4F-4162-8569-42AD-C29F-EDA7 (null)
ExpressMirror 1.2 s/n: SUMD-ACEC-WXYL-LIWP-ENTFwww.livepim.com
EZ File Transplanter 1.01.05 s/n: cAs41crE8rwww.superwin.com
EZ Mozilla Backup 1.23 Name: TEAM ACME@none.de s/n: 0513813350www.rinjanisoft.com
EZ ThunderBird Backup 1.23 Name: TEAM ACME@none.de s/n: 9402702249www.rinjanisoft.com
EZDetach for Microsoft Outlook Name: EMBRACE s/n: 1F1B2304D8www.techhit.com
F.E.A.R. normal S/N: PUC9-MEW7-DAS3-BUJ9-2796 NEJ5-JYR6-ZER4-DAM3-5273 WEJ2-FAR2-GYZ4-REC4-5865 XAM2-PAS6-JUT5-SES8-5677 NER4-XAM5-WUR8-WAT8-7799 Funktionieren alle… (null)
F1 Racing 3d Screensaver 1.0 S/N: User: (Your name) serial: fmJsDP5YvA8CFJEohttp://www.digimindsoft.com
FantaMorph 1.0 S/N: Name:Ihr Name S/N:5701-6523-5660-4057-4113 Muss funktioniern da es eine orginale Seriennummer ist. mailto:chuclemens@yahoo.de
Fantasy Forest 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your name) Code : a72lidNp0yXjh3HKhttp://www.digimindsoft.com
FantasyDVD Player Professional 8.50 Name: alkavour S/N: email:alkavour@mycosmos.gr Order ID:EyyhJ7nMjU693 Product Key:RBdqBouThpcVd Activation Key:BCF32077269CC468510E1E7C0C064E6CAD059872 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://http://www.fantasysoft.net
FIFA 2004 1.0 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: NPX7-X9EN-JD6B-RPF6-2WA4 J3CL-DMRE-FCQU-YX9X-9AU7 by renjith varghese (null)
FIFA 2005 1.0 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: WDUU-AZV4-KS2Z-3DX3-KE2Q QTDD-ENH5-EXZ7-DMVT-D7UB by renjith varghese (null)
FIFA 2005 1.0 S/N: 2DWE-2DAS-ETLA-7KZ6-HRNZ (null)
fifa 2006 2006 S/N: vrtt – 7ex9 – kdev – xqng – qdev (null)
Fifa World Cup 2002 1.0 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: 9767-3584462-4490770-2860 5382-3725294-3355164-1021 by renjith varghese (null)
File Compare & Folder Synchronization 6.0 S/N: 272097792 By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.sobolsoft.com
File Mass Opener 1.10 Name: UnderPl s/n: 7fmowww.van-tilburg.info
Firma und Verein 2.1.256 s/n: 112093-9140260-201664www.firma-und-verein.de
flash 8 professional 8.0 S/N: WPD800-59735-96732-30497 (null)
Flash SWF to AVI GIF Converter 1.4.10 s/n: swfavi20-1009www.minihttpserver.net
Focus Photoeditor 4.1.1 Name: TEAM ACME s/n: 7556653746229649408 new-world-software.com
Focus Photoeditor Name: TEAMHERETiC s/n: 2760939217542078464 new-world-software.com
Folder Guard pro 7.6 7.6 Name: Todor S/N: Number of Copies : 50 Serial Number : A6297590 (null)
Folder Indexer 1.61 s/n: FGD123SGgsdfgFDwww.van-tilburg.info
Folder Security Personal 3.00.0135 Name: EGOiST S/N: ProdID:{73D9FBB7-9B65-5C17-9301-0E80E5CFA581} RegCode:{2DA508FD-E77C-B979-354A-0EEB944A403B} By Alkavour (07/01/2006)http://www.y0ys.com/
Folder Sizes Name: freeserials.com S/N: 0000WQ-XDKVHP-GAYMN1-5UZ3MP-ZUYM3B-BNGMQX-V5DRY4 (null)
Font Fitting Room Deluxe 2.2.0 Name: Team ZWT S/N: wSMPLdV170zN8MCMN1XBj By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.apolisoft.com/ffr/index.php
FontDoctor 2.0 s/n: GTY8qa439www.morrisonsoftdesign.com
Forest World 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your Name) Code : U00xMHEjVdxnYp0Khttp://www.digimindsoft.com
FortiClient 2.0.148 S/N: 10cbc667a01cb01bd4d7b4355014cfcf6c (null)
FotoStation Pro 5.1 S/N: FSW5-E417-0000-0101-0000 (null)
Foxy 1.30 Name: LTB/CORE S/N: 01018339 By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.2-power-n.com/features.html
Frame Explorer 1.0 S/N: AFHNBTEPHQKIXEEV snTRHAZXTRDUGMTHU sn:KQMFGPEPLSOBUTPK By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.dl-c.com
FrameShape 1.06 s/n: FF0AAB4715961A80FF26www.structureshape.com
FrameShots 2.2.4 S/N: 8B9E97AA9B9B79A557799EA5A437122http://www.frame-shots.com/
FREND 4.8 Name: TEAM ACME s/n: FFwQl-5bAACA-Ev49-vCb55-Cv9www.kernfranken.de
Fresh Diagnose 7.20 S/N: bg3d4c-5×3wh3n6-6f3e43 By Alkavour (07/01/2006)http://www.freshdevices.com/mainboards_test.html
Fresh UI 7.47 S/N: sc7s8s-6×2vw4s3-3v6f36 sn:xq4i3a-3g6wp8b3-6f3f64 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.freshdevices.com/freshui.html
FreshDownload 7.22 S/N: User name: Ash Registration code: 2H9B4-Q849-UB48-8E7J (null)
Frontline Attack – War over Europe 1.0 S/N: WB8P-B5KR-CPY8-T7BQ (null)
Futuremark PCMark05 Advanced 1.1.0 Name: tam/CORE s/n: PCM05-134Q-8041-664D-6562-L2X6www.futuremark.com
GameAccelerator ? S/N: 3266ba6e04fce2a42ad8de2892633bd612755e6915479ccc70 b56673e6eb6e73 Muss funktionieren da es eine orginale Seriennummer ist. mailto:chuclemens@yahoo.de
GameTuner s/n: 105A5S-482YFS-KES7KS-Y0E5L5-R5ZXL0www.s-a-d.de
GData AntiVirusKit 2006 Name: fischer2815 s/n: 7j1n1ewww.gdata.de
Gene Troopers GAME S/N: KEY: JKWSM-YXPS8-N7A7M-QXUED-7RP2K (null)
GetIPDL 2.14.10 s/n: WDGFE-P5P6Q-9YXYH-S78B7-BCTPYwww.ujihara.jp
GetRight 4.5 S/N: GETRIGHT-45TR (null)
GhostSurf 3 S/N: GH4X5X2K (null)
GIF Construction Set Professional 2.0.73a Name: TEAM LAXiTY s/n: 22261-09-21673-16www.mindworkshop.com
GIF Construction Set Professional 2.0.74a Name: Alkavour S/N: 19835-24-19019-14 By Alkavour (05/01/2006)www.mindworkshop.com
Girokonto German 2005.10.73 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 57909297www.oggisoft.de
google earth pro 3.0.6 S/N: JCPMF9VXRQQ6HBL (null)
GpsTools SDK 2.20l S/N: component:.NET for Windows snCn7lC1yoTmmWNJkw0GknusakBucci3ZoCl7 component:.NET for Pocket PC sn:5549EF79BB9AE784DA6A component:ActiveX for Pocket PC sn:B349EFA45DC60D415DC6 component:ActiveX for Windows sn:C549EFCA1E043132151E By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://franson.com/
GraphicsGale 1.70 Name: GanJaMaN E-Mail: WEED@CORE.COM s/n: jXwZESwtO7gzXtFgWb9IO6tkuUHFRKHD6RGR0w== tempest-j.com
GraphicsGale 1.78 Name: alkavour S/N: email:WEED@CORE.COM sn:lnknJQ3A3JjhgcUAIIoQs8vNthTlh86YyatwAg== By Alkavour (07/01/2006) tempest-j.com
GraphicsGale 1.80 Name: GanJaMaN S/N: email:WEED@CORE.COM serial:jXwZESwtO7gzXtFgWb9IO6tkuUHFRKHD6RGR0w== By Alkavour (14/01/2006) tempest-j.com
Greeting Card Designer 3.0 S/N: TX37TPIP379FBF3P (null)
GS-Auswertungsdesigner Name: Melborn [ACME] s/n: 11466207www.sage.de
GUITAR STUDIO 4.8 Name: acme S/N: company: paranoici / olografix key: 2780556 (null)
Gutterball 2 2 Name: Lord Voldemord S/N: XT8CVHQAYCMSJNAwww.gamehouse.com
habbohotel 1.6 S/N: 71r85gr2 (null)
HaneWin DHCP Server 2.1.5 Name: Team BLiZZARD s/n: BBLZ197031D91549www.hanewin.de
Hangman Pro 1.05 Name: NiTROUS s/n: HPROP-39863www.mv.com
Hangman Pro 1.08 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: HPROP-42258 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)www.mv.com
Harry Potter :Quidditch World Cup 1.0 S/N: TS9H-BA3T-2UCK-VEQC-PDTD 57YG-DGQZ-7JQZ-RZS6-H6XT by Renjith Varghese renjith varghese (null)
Harry Potter and Prisoner of Askaban 1.0 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: 5CSJ-GRQG-7JQZ-PZS6-H6XT 7Z7X-XPDQ-YLUC-M5X9-5L9V 3LPX-TEDC-7FHB-WQJE-7FLM by renjith varghese (null)
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone 1.0 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: 5380-3235151-5291052-6713 3603-5988003-2247511-4904 by renjith varghese (null)
health calc 4 S/N: 487234681 (null)
HealthFile Plus 3.2.6 Name: AGAiN tEAM s/n: 11953www.wakefieldsoft.com
HeavyMath Cam 3D Webmaster Edition E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: SDD67ATE8STSDB6VE7W5FCWFCWwww.heavymath.com
HelpBlocks 1.17 Name: Alkavour S/N: 5486B5E4-EB5D9E7D-A8E0C0FE By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.helpblocks.com/
Hex Workshop S/N: 904A9-506213-A96E (null)
Hidden Camera 1.4 Name: 4kusN!ck S/N: FCGBCFEDFGAFGDGF Mail: 4kusNick@revenge-crew.com Quantity: 256 By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.oleansoft.com/hiddencamera.htm
Hidden Recorder 1.7 Name: DIGERATI E-Mail: DIGERATI@DIGERATI.com s/n: HADMMCEHHBJMLJLwww.oleansoft.com
Hide IP Platinum 2.3 S/N: A70B5854DA4D74A6 By Alkavour (07/01/2006)http://www.hide-ip-soft.com
Hide IP Platinum 2.31 S/N: C741757E29FC5DC1 sn:80055378BDCE3E9E sn:FA65D8092D961427 By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.hide-ip-soft.com
HideAll 2.04 S/N: 1AH10S3BVT2901 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.sgssoft.com
HIPAA Training Program 2.0 s/n: HIPAATRNGREG2005www.reg-software.com
HistoryWasher 1.04 S/N: 9S8H9I1V928911 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.sgssoft.com
HOAI- und VOB-Mustervertraege und -briefe ArchIng 09.2004 s/n: 728395EDwww.weka.de
Home Data Deluxe 7.8 s/n: HOMEDATAREG2000www.reg-software.com
Home Inventory Plus 5.2 s/n: HOMEINVREG2000www.reg-software.com
HOMEWORLD 2 Ver.1 Name: HOMEWORLD 2 S/N: NAF5-XAC6-WYJ3-JEG2-8775 Name Any, Serial Unused, UnReg.www.sierra.com
Hope Mailer Standard Edition 1.16 Name: NiTROUS s/n: MLESTD-72BB6690BDDB356D41www.nesox.com
Hot Corners 2.21 Name: DEVOTED s/n: 1152-10566-1497-301www.southbaypc.com
HotMail+ 1.3 S/N: 155001237750184 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.hotmailplus.net/
HttpWatch Name: TEAM EMBRACE s/n: 832719240www.simtec.ltd.uk
HttpWatch s/n: 843310024www.simtec.ltd.uk
Hyena German 6.5 Name: TEAM ZWT s/n: 1ieh-4ja0-1gj3-2585www.systemtools.com
Hyena 6.5 Name: TEAM ZWT s/n: 1ieh-4ja0-1gj3-2585www.systemtools.com
IA eMailServer Corporate Edition 5.3.2 s/n: SAUN-09-B32BC4656BD969D7-05www.tnsoft.com
IA eMailServer Corporate Edition 5.3.3 s/n: SAUN-09-4E99420364C7D1EB-05www.tnsoft.com
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idImager s/n: O-064381795-ZM-27759www.idfoxx.com
IDo Wedding Couple Edition s/n: NG6I3 MR8U9 JI3D2 IE5A5www.elmsoftware.com
IDOS J�*zdn�* Řády 2005/2006 S/N: archiv: BAM1984BY S/N: CX4-YBA-6EF4 CXB-76N-DC5B CXH-4JA-DD28www.chaps.cz
IE FTP Enhancer 1.4 s/n: AEAX2R4Y43-94BH6VK67Wwww.stevefoxover.com
IFufi2 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: Email: crackteam@bg-warez.org SN: V41T-4TQ4-O07P-5OM3-I83G-7KA4 By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.giber.si/d/ifufi2_setup.exe
Import Wizard 8.2.0e S/N: license type:regular license number of licenses:99999 name:embrace it bitch sn:AYDJVCJLS3IW8A99999:embrace it bitch or license type:
ImToo DVD Audio Ripper v2.0.55.801 S/N: CBE2-A0E0-6D29-6ED9-66CD-A278-197D-3A55 (null)
ImTOO MP3 WAV Converter Name: TEAM LMi s/n: 2935-0381-9952-2329-F452-D276-F5FD-8CF6www.imtoo.com
ImTOO PSP Video Converter Name: TEAM LMi s/n: 2935-0381-9952-2329-3D90-B8E1-DD95-CC8Ewww.imtoo.com
ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter Name: TEAM LMi s/n: 2935-0381-9952-2329-2D1E-3C31-8049-006Dwww.imtoo.com
InfoSafe Plus 3.4.6 Name: AGAiN tEAM s/n: 12898www.wakefieldsoft.com
Installer Design Studio NET 3.0 S/N: DEV368307486321496275 SN: DEV368307448360388334 SN: DEV624563599641677742 By Alkavour (23/01/2006)http://www.scriptlogic.com
Installer2GO 4.1.3 Name: tam/CORE mania s/n: 11MFISH8Z1 dev4pc.com
IntelliTipster Name: TEAM BLZ E-Mail: BLiZZARD@0day.net s/n: 189A-978F-0753-B9CEwww.intellitipster.com
inter key 1.1 1.1 S/N: papip41a-0000001648-09320-7122 (null)
Inter Video Win DvD 7 7 S/N: Mail: COREMANIA@CYBERJUNKIE.COM / Password: CORE / License N*: VYECEXAD-43J54RT2-WEFMLZK5-LZVZK5HJ / CB Number: 2222 its functwww.intervideo.com
internet download manager 5.01 Build 2 (DEC/21/2005)full S/N: Y30OZ-DNQH7-FRWPW-YYZMA (null)
Iolo Search and Recover 3.0 Name: HERETiC s/n: 50935-R3441-5727961011www.iolo.com
Iolo System Mechanic Pro 6.0h Name: HERETiC s/n: 89881-P6091-0776466900www.iolo.com
ipTicker 1.9h Name: TEAM BLZ E-Mail: BLiZZARD@0day.net s/n: 4BC0AL88D2F6ZC1Dwww.intellitipster.com
iRadio S/N: hardware key:37C-E68-303-235-4A3-230-30 license key:FE1F51EAB280EDA371BE By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.3alab.com/
iSilo 4.29 S/N: KJNX9TKNP4TG94U7http://www.isilo.com/
ISMail EP 3.3.65 S/N: 372A645F6FAC34E3 sn:4D99FA0CC866FCC5 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.instantservers.net/
IsoBuster Pro 1.903 S/N: Email: crackteam@bg-warez.org ID: crackteam@bg-warez.org_JMBWTEXMDXKFUPCQYOI Key: 6C9933F7-EC964610-3C04110C-073E65F9-605E470C-341304C8 By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.zen16305.zen.co.uk/isobus…r_all_lang.zip
ISOpen 3.2.5 Name: TEAM CAT 2005 s/n: ISP325-2100110415606933616737143050434885200489654246413 koyotstar.free.fr
ISS BlackICE PC Protection 3.6 cot Name: tam/CORE S/N: 1677790-RS-A4532 By Alkavour (07/01/2006)www.iss.net
ISS BlackICE PC Protection 3.6 cox Name: alkavour S/N: 3028290-RS-A4645 By Alkavour (14/01/2006)www.iss.net
ISS BlackICE PC Protection 3.6.coq Name: tam/CORE s/n: 1677790-RS-A4532www.iss.net
ISS BlackICE Server Protection 3.6.coq Name: tam/CORE s/n: 16777A2-RS-E4F2Ewww.iss.net
izotope ozone 3 3.08.527 S/N: IZ-OZONE3-E1732ABB-CD97 (null)
James Bond 007 Nightfire 1.0 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: 1814-2249945-2284603-2559 2358-7276712-2855463-0485 by renjith varghese (null)
JesCopy 3.46 Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: 0006700C4BL0060Z09F0J32F03CF04AF01DF044F035F031F03 DF000F300F600F300F600F300F61DF010F044F035F031F03DF 010F032F03CF059F04AF04AF031F042F034F010F022F020F02 0F025F010F01DF05550CF06662CF076F075DF0BLZ software.thomasjacob.de
JinJon (all versions) All Name: Mher Harutyunyan S/N: A8BH-3DV2-3DLR-WABN P8BH-3BV2-4DSR-6ARE C8BH-MBV2-4DSR-KAVJ B7BH-3BV2-2DSR-6ARK S8BH-MBV2-2DSR-MAVF L6BH-3BV2-2DLR-YARW Q8BH-MBV2-2DSR-8AV2 Enter the kode and join!http://www.mher1991.narod.ru
JsAutoStart Pro 1.34.103 Names: TEAM; NiTROUS; 2004 s/n: 1139-008j6h2h-08f228nd-0501d2d0-4968www.tiosoft.de
JSFactory PopUp 4.0 s/n: 7o2×3a8i yaldex.com
JSFactory Pro 2.0 s/n: CG6UI-XHDY5 yaldex.com
JSPMaker 1.0.1 Name: alkavour S/N: 0971ACDD20446183 By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.hkvstore.com/jspmaker/
JSPMaker 1.0.1 Name: alkavour S/N: 62E5B220C97097B9 By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.hkvstore.com/jspmaker/
July20th Dynamic Range Workshop for Adobe Photoshop 1.2 Name: TEAM SCOTCH s/n: 0c8d2b31a85bcd238975acf3cf476608www.july20th.com
Jungle Heart 1.0.1 s/n: 99999999999999999999999999999999890978www.elephant-games.com
Just Checking 3.02 Name: d/TMG s/n: 7774045-36890400-2839809 justapps.com
Just Money 1.13 Name: d/TMG s/n: 7775610-51163200-2840122 justapps.com
K Database Magic Name: AGGRESSiON s/n: 197191B2-68E55DC0 kdbmagic.uw.hu
KaraWin Std B221005 Name: HERETiC s/n: 93C8C711www.karawin.fr
kaspersky S/N: 5.0.390 S/N: 0038-00006b-000de784 (null)
KC Softwares K-FTP 4.4.489 Name: NiTROUS s/n: 60085094092083086106091www.kcsoftwares.com
KC Softwares K-MAIL 4.2.289 Name: NiTROUS s/n: 60085094092083086106091www.kcsoftwares.com
KC Softwares PhotoToFilm Name: BRD s/n: 90073103076www.kcsoftwares.com
KeyPass Enterprise Edition 4.0.2 S/N: KEYC-N33E-9ST2-NPFN-TUKK-59G3-USTR-FRFS-EUG3 SN: KEYC-SEFM-3HUK-HM5T-NKHM-U3EF-MFFH-25GT-RTE5 SN: KEYC-FRUN-GTFF-URMS-GRSM-3RR5-9FNR-U2FM-HHS5 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.dobysoft.com/products/key…pass-setup.zip
Keystroke Converter 4.7 Name: CRUDE s/n: C-40254988YJOOTNLHICRUDERGPRHPWRCQYZJSZZ softboy.net
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Kingdia CD Extractor 1.0.6 Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: B405A9436BF7B3AAB45A556F1F2B0C4www.kingdia.com
Kingdia DVD Audio Ripper 1.3.8 E-Mail: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 2738A968F185F000EB8BFCE090D7A20Ewww.kingdia.com
Kingdia DVD Ripper Professional 2.1.8 E-Mail: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 2EF5B14DA46C46C1D19D19EECEF499A9www.kingdia.com
KIYUT Sketsa SVG Graphics Editor 3.2.2 Name: GeFcReW s/n: 2133-466788-86143-71137-16529www.kiyut.com
KLS Backup 2006 Professional Name: TEAM SSG S/N: KLSBLICENSEPRO2D7C466FAFDC59CE64A4973E24040BA71 By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.kls-soft.com/klsbackup/index.php
K-ML 3.19.326 Name: seeker02 [pHrOzEn-HeLL] s/n: 21090090077076076103048050032112088073089100098070 085045080070083097101www.kcsoftwares.com
K-MP3 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 91091090073078032107081083080097081085096www.kcsof twares.com
K-MP3 Name: TEAM ACME s/n1: 20091090073078032086075078076 s/n2: 21091090073078032086075078076www.kcsoftwares.com
Kofax Capio 1.52 S/N: E794-7030-A3AA-DF34 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.kofax.com/
Kreuzwortraetsel-Werkstatt 3.6 Name: Kent s/n: ZUUCCCVVC4www.scotandrews.com
Kristanix Password Generator Pro 1.4.8 s/n: KRX-262-X4802528684585590188932786462092www.kristanix.com
Kristanix Right Click Image Converter 1.6.2 s/n: KRX-642726923947011105446583971405113038www.kristanix. com
Kristanix Yatzy 2.3.5 s/n: KRX-832960535702477780278134436177350075www.kristanix. com
KsL Software Reigstry First Aid Name: TEAM High Society s/n: 2FB622-18A45DE5-BB5232FA-58EAE58F-139E54www.rosecitysoftware.com
Kyodai Mahjongg 2006 v1.0 final S/N: Name: Agent Smith Serial: 98416852410 (null)
Kyodai Mahjongg 2006 1.0 Name: THOR_MESTER S/N: 66117262731 by_THOR_MESTER REG: SPACE+F9http://kyodai.com/kyodown.en.html
Kyodai Mahjongg 2006 v.1.0 Name: THOR_MESTER S/N: 66117262731http://kyodai.com/kyodown.en.html
La Chouine 1.51 Name: TEAM NGEN s/n: 19418 stcras.free.fr
Label Designer Plus DELUXE 8 S/N: 0665-E60Bhttp://www.camdevelopment.com/designer/label_deluxe/
LAN-eMail Pro 2005.2.1135 “Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 72136404 Note: use 9 digits for “”Rechnungsnummer”””www.oggisoft.de
Langenscheidt T1 5.0 S/N: 016999787 Englisch – Deutsch Deutsch – Englisch Übersetzungsprogrammhttp://www.langenscheidt.de/deutsch/produkte/neuemedien/t1_v6.html
Lasha 2006 Name: Lasha S/N: 765146 (null)
Lavavo CD Ripper 3.15 Name: Team Cafe s/n: 1A3E7E71FF62EF6Awww.lavavo.com
Lavavo DVD Duplicator 1.02 Name: Team Cafe s/n: 34CDD3F1FC176638www.lavavo.com
Lavavo DVD Ripper 1.0 Name: Team Cafe s/n: 36005FD07EBAF8FCwww.lavavo.com
Lavavo DVD Ripper 1.1 Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: 25734A096D12726Ewww.lavavo.com
LB Workshop 4.3.0 s/n: 68720717 alycesrestaurant.com
LehrerOffice 2004.12.9.0 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: VBXG-LXNM-CCCCwww.rothsoft.ch
LehrerOffice 2005.1.0.0 Name: ACME s/n: UZRVLGBOGYEQwww.rothsoft.ch
LehrerOffice 2005.13.6.0 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: ANXGLEAYLNLFwww.rothsoft.ch
Leonardo Express S/N: wra39cttkqcykx36 LeonardoExpress von Hermstedt um mit normalen ISDN-Karten vom PC aus zu Hermstedt Karten im Macintosh Verbindung auf zunehmen. (null)
LesefixPRO 5.12 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 1212-D612-1315-1618www.kinderleichtsoftware.de
LigaChampion 7.0.9 Name: PV27285 s/n: 64723www.wido-software.de
Lite Photos 1.2 Name: 4kusN!ck S/N: LGDHDDIQCEMGHIQN Mail: 4kusNick@revenge-crew.com By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.oleansoft.com/litephotos.htm
LMSOFT FTP Site Manager s/n1: 0120-0018-79 s/n2: 0455-0219-11www.lmsoft.com
Loan Advisor 1.07 Name: DiGERATi s/n: 31317461www.othersoft.co.za
LoanExpert Plus 3.2.6 Name: AGAiN tEAM s/n: 09973www.wakefieldsoft.com
LoHice 2.3 S/N: 25646652256635854347864135764365165 (null)
Lotto007 XP 2005 6.0 Name: 1537-3003 s/n: 3038-1887-3088www.lotto-007.com
M2-edit Pro 5.0 s/n: 24zk ThFU qTEf 2BXz PpAY 8QZFwww.mediawaresolutions.com
Macro Mania 10 Name: TEAM@LUCiD.COM s/n: 88547151011www.nstarsolutions.com
Macro Mania 10.2.1 Name: BRD Cult s/n: 88JG7161005www.nstarsolutions.com
Macromedia Coldfusion MX Enterprise Edition 7 s/n: CED700-41965-74353-12291www.macromedia.com
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 8 S/N: WPD800-54232-80332-94711www.marcomedia.com
Macromedia Flash 8 Professional 8.0 S/N: WPD800-59735-96732-30497 WPD800-51937-56932-99728 WPD800-50836-44132-84176 PFD800-51945-73748-42725 PFD800-50844-09148-22946 PFD800-57949-38748-01307 PFD800-50844-06948-81405 PFD800-52644-69448-72841 PFD800-57543-37248-22825 PFD800-59745-98848-61http://macromedia.com
Macromedia Flash 8 8.0 S/N: WPD800-57137-56432-75244 WPD800-51135-12332-86296 WPD800-57531-71132-10762http://macromedia.com
macromedia freehand mx11 española S/N: S/N: fhm110-02280-87210-08484 (null)
Magic DVD Ripper 3.5d Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 3JA2403O1A8N90INBM20WJ9DGGLRVVwww.magicdvdripper.c om
Magic DVD Ripper v3.6 Name: THOR_MESTER S/N: C6Cg30OYsnK7CT3cf26ZjI by___THOR_MESTERwww.magicdvdripper.com
Magic Recovery Professional English 3.2 s/n. 2201-3719-1214-5827www.ondata.es
Magic Recovery Professional Spanish 3.2 s/n. 2608-6218-1955-2652www.ondata.es
MahJong Suite 2005 2.10 Name: TEAM BLZ s/n: E4339B36-B4E8D7EA-C5B9AE2Cwww.mahjongsuite.com
Mail Melder 1.1.5 Name: TEAM iNFECTED2oo5 s/n: iNFECTED-6F548850-4BA63416-303Cwww.tssev.de
MainConcept H.264 Encoder 2.0.15 S/N: AVC-TEAM-ZWT-CRACKING By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.mainconcept.com/h264_encoder.shtml
MarkAble 1.4.0 Name: End-User s/n: 0543-2145-6951-1000www.ipodsoft.com
Marksman 1.0.2 Name: End-User s/n: 0532-2134-6940-9893www.ipodsoft.com
McFunSoft Video Solution 3.66 S/N: MVS5945630 By Alkavour (12/01/2006)http://www.enfull.com/download3.asp?id=1332&soft=down
MDE Info Handler 8.16.1 Name: TEAM FALLEN Company: TEAM FALLEN s/n: NF-84059-48354.33180www.mdesoft.com
Medal Of Honor :Spearhead 1.0 S/N: 1119-2468399-8009944-2524 5141-8894801-7071263-0429 2500-9611912-8344207-1325 5654-3599075-7956405-0822 Enjoy (null)
Medal of honor Allisd Assault 1.1 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: 5654-3599075-7956405-1867 8957-3996266-2473168-0751 Enjoy 100% working key (null)
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault 1.1 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: 3AEN-8CDT-7FHB-FQJE-7FLM 96C4-ZMVX-KW58-28S6-J9QH PBLL-FPWS-ZP93-TWNL-ZMC9 by renjith varghese (null)
Medal Of Honour Pacific Assault 1.0 S/N: FGPX-Y3NH-4FUN-RGTI-G0IH DXNE-N2PL-ZJXC-9ZZ4-PQGJ BMXP-JXZE-2NX4-5EQX-89UT 100% working (null)
Media Monke Name:www.serialnews.com S/N: V24FA55VAUUL8M6Z9SJ89PE (null)
Mediafour MacDrive 6.05 Name: Team ArCADE 2005 Company: ArCADE s/n: MD6-EWR4G-QHRHD-WEGwww.mediafour.com
Mes Bases de donnees Multimedia French 1.0 s/n: MBD01-U4LN1-98NJ7-XK4WSwww.oriasoft.fr
MessageSave for Microsoft Outlook Name: EMBRACE s/n: 3175702A48www.techhit.com
MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.5.190 Name: snatch s/n: dqmaAejqQ3R5AjN9HGT0Hi2RSxgM+rVz6pXCBM8c3uaIRbvIYd JDcjAYGvsxgDeNYIc=amqdwww.metaproducts.com
Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro sp4 Français sp4 S/N: PQHKR-G4JFW-VTY3P-G4WQ2-88CTW (null)
Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 Build 5270 S/N: R4HB8-QGQK4-79X38-QH3HK-Q3PJ6 (null)
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition Corporate SP2 S/N: YQ7XW-QPT6C-233QF-RRXC7-VF7TY S/N: X4PTJ-6WP7J-BFVCY-WYDJT-DMDDK S/N: 3PX6Y-7HTR8-4PVPQ-PYFGK-GRK3P S/N: 3FC6J-PVRYV-38KFF-B2K46-CDHH6 S/N: PM732-VDYT8-27YHH-QMMB7-CXPYWwww.microsoft.com
Microsoft Word 2000 S/N: HPHW2-9JMXY-BG4CB-Q2FTX-R66TGwww.microsoft.com
MIDI Tracker 1.1.0 Name: Nitrogen / TSRh s/n: VupL-edzZ rf1.net
MIDletPascal 2.0 Name: TEAM TBE s/n: 15RvhB9sHXkA6BEwww.midletpascal.com
MightyFax 3.15 Name: VRL ROCKZ s/n: RKS-4422683www.rkssoftware.com
MightyFax 3.3 Name: d/tmg S/N: RKS-2427607 By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.rkssoftware.com/mightyfax/
Migrate Easy 7.0 S/N: English sn: 3BGAG-7BHM9-3JAN2-V2EUM-QHHJM German sn: JCM44-SJSZQ-XQHT2-MAEK2-JAD85 Russian sn: BSADB-J7X6B-HTEZM-QPLEX-9NSPM French sn: WUJ63-WZNHA-P6Y5E-ZUM3R-SJLP5 Czech sn: PY45D-BN7LW-J67CU-EJNJK-BPT3A By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.acronis.com
MindManager Pro 6 6 S/N: MP61-935-MP79-2A85-1CA3www.mindjet.com
Mindscope Software FingerPaint 1.1 s/n: 74134447941www.mindscopesoftware.com
minimarket Express Private Edition S/N: ke32zt75nx188 (null)
MiShell Budget 1.0c s7n: LeX1O9u1R5S3www.mishell.ca
mks antivirus 2005 S/N: 89VP-GT2W-X6JS-1LWT-R5R1-1KL1 (null)
MMS Soft 6.0 s/n: 001-MMS-400186-TJBF7Lwww.hasenbein.de
Monster Fair 1.2 S/N: E-mail: www@crackzplanet.com Serial: 772275131552730131952802 (null)
Mootools 3D Photo Browser for 3D Users 8.31 s/n: 6351-DCA4-048D-66B7Cwww.mootools.com
Mootools 3D Photo Browser for Digital Camera 8.31 s/n: 971A-B9CE-A81E-72A38www.mootools.com
Mootools 3D Photo Browser Light 8.31 s/n: 859C-4C13-337D-8707Awww.mootools.com
MooTools Polygon Cruncher for 3D Photo 6.7 s/n: 7F51-31D6-FCF1-8E300www.mootools.com
MooTools Polygon Cruncher for 3DSMAX 6.7 s/n: 50E1-FC93-1763-A7CDFwww.mootools.com
MooTools Polygon Cruncher for Lightwave 6.7 s/n: 4F5A-623B-062C-48A40www.mootools.com
MooTools Polygon Cruncher 7.0 S/N: For 3d Photoshop:7B15-7431-B9B1-C9184 For 3DSMAX:5E0F-1227-F889-C9051 For Lightwave:4287-BF80-DAF5-0C02D By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.mootools.com/
MooTools PolygonCruncher for 3DS Max and Lightwave 6.6 s/n: 5baa606b5334a6025www.mootools.com
MooTools RC Localize for Windows 3.0 s/n: a18ad65d440599814www.mootools.com
Move My Printers 3.1.0 s/n: SKU3321-23187DWS-ed32d5www.movemyprinters.com
Movie Jack 3.5 VCD 3.50.510 s/n: 32V07-96PZC-52A75-WQZ11-A72ZDwww.s-a-d.de
Movie Jack DVD 2 2.04.001 s/n: A25UT9-5376K4-3V30PQ-Q2Q74W-Q47VSDwww.s-a-d.de
Movie Writer Pro 2.79 s/n: GAVJ-MBAF-JUDU-FCAAwww.reynes.org
MP3 Alarm Clock 1.6 Name: TEAM LAXiTY s/n: H6T4081587D3www.wisecoder.com
MP3 Burner The Simple Way 2005 Name: tam/CORE s/n1: 379340380 s/n2: 924B1E8B2100www.net-burner.com
MP3 CD Convertor 4.20 Name: EMBRACE s/n: 3vlFSDGCASViFCHSwww.mp3-cd-converter.com
MP3 DJ 7.9.0 E-Mail: team@tbe.org s/n1: 4020 s/n2: 54941051www.mp3-dj.net
MP3 PowerEncoder windows xp S/N: ME1M343882k98287 (null)
MP3 To Ringtone Gold 3.16 Name: LTB/CORE S/N: 298368-1aa5 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.ddz1977.com/
mp3player 3.50 S/N: 353387001798788www.viking.tm
MP3Producer 2.40 E-Mail: TEAM@ViRiLiTY.com s/n: 04-112433-80907554www.mp3developments.com
MP3TagEditor 2.04 Name: Mad^Agent S/N: 02-66017-80907554http://www.mp3developments.com/
mp640 1 S/N: 1000002806 (null)
MPEG Video Wizard 2005 S/N: MVW-MPEG2-23EVQTSRGKLHYK (null)
MPEG-2 Decoder and Streaming Pack 3.0 S/N: F9E6BD862A76A8C8BF9D5FF91FE41D1F SN: 3FDF865196D74D375FFED956565F5603 SN: C652A9E6530022FFFF27A38BEDA320D0 By Alkavour (23/01/2006)http://www.elecard.com
MSN Checker Sniffer 1.0 S/N: 4BB66E176A5B7798 sn:C0225A4410359CD2 By Alkavour (07/01/2006)http://www.msn-tools.net/
mst Defrag Home Edition Win2KXP Name: tE Company: tE s/n: DFRHDEF2E6E615D8F3053489FFF81EE87B71C2039D3Bwww.ms tsoftware.com
mst Defrag Server Edition WinSkSRV Name: tE Company: tE s/n: DFRS70AE740015D8F305F5DADBDC1EE87B718B36D7D0www.ms tsoftware.com
mst Defrag Workstation Edition Win2KXP Name: tE Company: tE s/n: DFRW1F79806015D8F305BC2514A11EE87B716B28EB0Cwww.ms tsoftware.com
mst Defrag Workstation Edition Name: alkavour S/N: DFRW9379BDDCBBE1C541795AAEBED50157521E39F43A company:home By Alkavour (16/01/2006)http://www.mstsoftware.com
Multi Edit 9.10.03 ~ 9.10.04 S/N: Serial Number: ME91-MS315132430 Release Code: 21B4-E0E8-C895-378Chttp://www.multiedit.com/downloads/upgrade/SetupMe910.exeftp://ftp.multiedit.com/upgrade/SetupMe910.exehttp://www.multieditsoftware.com
Multisim S/N: Education : F4CG-2257-2488-9001-99640 Professional : F4CG-2148-8610-9001-19620 Power Pro : F4CG-2028-4010-9001-69646 Special : F4CG-2551-3040-9001-89768 all should work (null)
Music-DVD on CD and DVD s/n: DCLFKY-VSS7RB-673LNU-9MLBLL-2SPNSMwww.s-a-d.de
My Digital Photos 1.02 s/n: HiDetHoUmewww.superwin.com
My Notes Keeper 1.41.461 Name: alkavour S/N: 495AD214AF1D41E5 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.mynoteskeeper.com/
My WinPopup Express 2005.01 Name: Team@DigERATi s/n: 123A000000020000www.namtuk.com
MySQL Front Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: oKHGgdJ5OUiwJty4l+EEJj1seNWjYhNbW nWZ8sFWpSXNOMfnH6QNa+HG6WBhAesX4b FtF+27aLVUpW2Rs6evOoC7Xui64+40Tkd r+2e7QROkCUEAJIIrjSeVBbX7bZOFLy0P IRj6WdStaU4Ix5c6epTcEV2QyP3aky980 UnM5FrTKJdKzo0e5d4aZh7vAnJ4qxD/oh 6hBS5i4+Hsf5aBN94UAnULlTjGl3pPkuu qK3oP6MW3i By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://downloads.chesnetweb.com/MySQL-Front_Setup.exe
Napis Adresu 1.0.1 Name: rG s/n: 18PRH53100-999 ussoft.hyperlink.cz
Natso Backup Pro Workstation S/N: 9AJ6EG-2866TJ-A82ZCG-KAJZP2-C9AGAX SN: 9AJ6QX-QGXQZK-J8K22X-6QTQPZ-9C868Q SN: 9AJ62A-GZKAZC-CQXGA8-ZP6JQJ-T9SGSX By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.natso-backup.com/download…orkstation.exe
NBA Live 2004 1.0 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: QMVM-8HNX-F4BN-Y5GB-E3JP 3GAS-SWQD-48YW-MN3B-F2U8 by renjith varghese (null)
NBA Live 2005 1.0 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: ES5V-RQDG-YSB5-S6HT-RZ7T W4MM-PWY8-Z5E5-DYPV-3T7B QQCL-PTNU-F4BN-X5GB-E3JP by renjith varghese (null)
Need for Speed “Most Wanted” 1.0 S/N: EXYQ-74C3-FESA-VU75-Z2DF (null)
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 1.0 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: 3Z4Q-HQUP-678C-PQQX XX6D-MPKB-G8QG-YAYG (null)
Need For Speed Underground 1.1 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: XEFX-3855-YZ4L-GNR5-ACAU YQQQ-NCH2-QX9V-FMUC-HNTT by renjith varghese (null)
NemaTalker 1.9.2 Name: TEAMCORE s/n1: 11fI1249 s/n2: 87A7509Fwww.sailsoft.nl
NeoN Reminder 1.1 Name: Name: Bauer Lindemann s/n: WYUjcmAOUg3g5Yswww.neon-labs.com
nero 7 essential S/N: 5C82001080100000000073825114 (null)
Nero 7 Premium 7.0.1 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: 1C80-4091-8086-0000-8185-9145-9396 5C03001080100000000282593471 5C01001080100000000121316811 5C80001080000000008666563859 by renjith varghese 5C01001080100000000121316811 (null)
Nero 7 S/N: 1C80-00EE-19E5-MA2X-4003-414M-A71C Should work on all versions of Nero Burning Rom 7 Even new ones that come out. If the version number starts with a 7 (7.x.x.x) this serial should work for it. This is the premium version serial.www.nero.com
Nero Advanced Audio Plug-In S/N: 5C03001080100000000089576725www.nero.com
Nero Burning ROM v6.6.0.18 S/N: 1A21-0809-9030-2431-4539-4160 (null)
Nero DVD-Video Plug-In S/N: 5C02001080100000000044871419www.nero.com
Nero Essentials Edition S/N: 5C87001080100000000180670433www.nero.com
Nero Express S/N: 1A20-030E-0010-2274-5129-6507www.nero.com
Nero MP3 Pro Plug-In S/N: 5C00001080100000000141238901www.nero.com
Nero Multichannel Plug-In S/N: 5C01001080100000000118952272www.nero.com
Nero OEM SUITE 6 S/N: 1A20-0100-0000-1589-6412-2958 (null)
Nero Premium S/N: 5C80001080100000000848434804www.nero.com
Nero Premium S/N: 5C80001080100000000474189603www.nero.com
Nero Premium S/N: 1C82-803M-19E5-MAAX-4008-XEX8-4EXXwww.nero.com
Nero Ultra Edition S/N: 5C82001080100000000155698621 (null)
Nero Ultra Editon S/N: 5C82001080100000000500115434 mal nen key der wirklich funktioniert! (null)
Nero Vision S/N: 1A21-0609-4030-2329-6358-9615 (null)
nero Name: chaser S/N: 5C82001080100000000073825114 it works (null)
Net Control 2 Name: Team EXPLOSiON s/n: KEibeIxBGiCXmYEKIFGEVEEgEpZaVHQXLszbcfweyklwCwfzXT UyHgOvokIEdQwww.netcontrol2.com
Net Monitor For Employees 2.4.3 Name: DIGERATI s/n: 9727817D2A2EA2B751999993A4www.eduiq.com
Net Profile Switch 4.11 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: KYHKGX886N2PJW3Swww.jitbit.com
NetObject Fusion 9 S/N: NFW-900-R-666-14503-23526 (null)
NetObjects Fusion 7.5 S/N: Passwort für die Installation des Programms: F75CM Zur Aktivierung des Programms benötigen Sie eine Seriennummer, diese erhalten Sie nach der Registrierung beim Hersteller, über den folgenden Link:http://www.netobjects.com/computerbild (null)
NetSarang Xmanager CLS Class A 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-410241-000600www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager CLS Class B 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-520401-000840www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager CLS Class C 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-530481-000080www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager DLS 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-450331-000480www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager Educational 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-160161-000184www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager Enterprise 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-156821-000678www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager SLS 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-440211-000600www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager Standard 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-150801-000592www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager Student 2-Year 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-320481-000640www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager Student 4-Year 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-340301-000080www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager Xftp Standard 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-114011-000044www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager Xlpd Standard 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-112471-000482www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager Xshell Educational 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-121221-000953www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager Xshell Standard 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-151701-000609www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager Xshell Student 2-Year 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-321061-000073www.netsarang.com
NetSarang Xmanager Xshell Student 4-Year 2.0.0505 s/n: 060101-341051-000641www.netsarang.com
NetSuportmanager v9.10 S/N: Lisence: BIZIMKLUB.COM Serial:NSM980778 Max clients :25 Auth code : 8AF6BAB4 (null)
Network LookOut Administrator 1.83 Name: alkavour S/N: 7193F09790;EC;EF51214743A4 By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.networklookout.com/
Network Monitor Professional v S/N: 30075-25E-9BB92I2-848A6 SN: 30093-55I-9DB96F0-148F4 SN: 30057-58A-9BA98D9-278D1 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://downloads.numarasoftware.com/…7_Pro_Eval.exe
NewLive All Media Fixer Pro 5.2 S/N: 94935343-16637954-07732346-37221645-34234284-35950948-14C628362F9036174F672D12 By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.realconvert.com/
NewsAloud 1.00 s/n: 921745+331181+9121234519156364www.nextup.com
Nexus Mainframe Terminal 5.46 S/N: 3D3E-7393-F334-3036 sn:3B33-83B3-9339-353D sn:3E31-3353-3330-3F31 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.nexit.com/
NiftyNotes 1.0 Name: UnderPl Team s/n: 18578478www.simplyawesomesoftware.com
Nizana dbWrench 1.0.6 s/n: 24868538www.dbwrench.com
No1 Video Converter 4.0.1 Name: Team ZWT S/N: D0E78229-610D4894-393D7D61-B936B0AA-DC5544D4-22718CA3-38204A70-0D2F754C By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.videotox.com/
NoClone 3.2.49 Name: FudoWarez S/N: C273FNL6 Name & Serial are CaSe sEnSiTiVehttp://NoClone.net
Noiseware Professional for Adobe Photoshop E-Mail: SSG@Team s/n: 34C64077D64B62A69BEB8674445EF0F9www.imagenomic.com
nokia pc sait 017 S/N: 1244-4234-5467 (null)
Norman Virus Control German 5.80 R2 s/n: WY5ACATADRJQZ5WEJUSUSNT6Ewww.norman.com
Norman Virus Control Swedish 5.80 R2 s/n: CBBSCJZWB9RPX3MMQSYXIZVIEwww.norman.com
Norman Virus Control 5.80 R2 s/n: 7QFSCQS5ERXPJ95YZTCN9YRFEwww.norman.com
Norton 2006 2006 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: VKFJ9-JVBJJ-VV426-RP29M-Y2YRK VKFJ9-JVBJJ-VV426-RP29M-Y2YRK by renjith varghese (null)
Norton 2006 7 S/N: VB96F FGRFP G8DFG YCJDX JMBBH (null)
Norton Anti virus 2006 1.0 Name: Renjith Varghese S/N: VKFJ9-JVBJJ-VV426-RP29M-Y2YRK by renjith varghese 100% working (null)
Norton Internet Security 2006 2006 S/N: JGG84-8YM4W-KPPCRQXRJJ-XBFFK (null)
Norton Personal Firewall 2005 S/N: 842442812 (null)
Norton System Works 2006 2006 Name: Norton System Works 2006 S/N: S/N: WK2WK-4T7B8-TPFGX-27JJC-6D8MXhttp://www.symantec.com/home_homeoffice/products/system_performance/nswpr2006/
Norton Systemworks 2006 2006 S/N: WJF9K-WFRGJ-BJKJG-7VHYJ-HYMBQ (null)
Norton Systemworks Premier 2006 2006 S/N: WJF9K-WFRGJ-BJKJG-7VHYJ-HYMBQ (null)
Noteable 5.10 E-Mail: team@lz0.net s/n: 82310-29208-41613-75348www.noteablesoftware.us
NotesXP 1.54 Name: Team Cafe s/n: 6921-0141www.webhotel.lv/wiesturs/
Novation V-Station VSTi 1.4 s/n: 1014399654www.novationmusic.com
Nurium BreakQuest 1.1.0 “s/n: UZ5FAN – 7BVUV1 – LPCTZK – EQ8H22 – TVE4Y3 – XPCBDS Note ! If you get access violation error , delete “”HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.mokt”” and reregister”www.nurium.com
#Barcode Maker
Version: 3.34
URL: hem.passagen.se/sams/barcodem.htm
Name: Warren Volz s/n: 50F3-D2FD-70D7-6251
#Monterey Barcode Creator
Version: 2.0 Build 53360
Licenced to: TEAM IPA Company: TEAM IPA s/n: D764B24B-8A48CD65-74BC7E8A
#BarCode Descriptor
Version: 1.2 build 5
Name: TEAM TSRH s/n: ctLxSvMWwUi02086655109712183
Version: 4.10
s/n: 154236423769 ,
Version: 5.00
Name: Team iNFECTED s/n: 5046651fec-427EN!
#Barcode Magic
Version: 2.0
Name: HAkkuH [ATX] s/n: BM-5258-97 or Name: Registered User s/n: BM-6545-89 or Name: Free Version s/n: BM-5586-112
Version: 2.1
Name: Nemesis] TNT!Crack!Team s/n: BM-10832-98
Version: 3.1
Name: Registered
s/n: BM-4626-83
#Barcode Printer
Version: 2.0
s/n: 670908-6450
#DLSoft Active 2D-Barcode Component Aztec Single-User
Version: 3.30
s/n: AZ90314560
#DLSoft dBarcode 32 Standard Multi-User
Version: 7.20
s/n: SM04256152
#IBE Barcode Studio Professional
Version: 1.0
Name: Team HAZE s/n: DTRP1-HAZE6-L7P8M
O&O Defrag Personal 8.0.1398 S/N: Name: nn Firma: nn DPM9-0156-85A7-89AV-0DED (null)
O&O defrag pro v8 Name: freeserials.com S/N: DPM9-01HT-W5U7-89AL-0DET works (null)
Oceantiger jDeveloper 2.8 Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: 82764-17458-27533-35508 oceantiger-software.com
OfficeIntercom 4.01 E-Mail: gibt@vonuns.net Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 147852-hkvorzwww.nch.com.au
Oggisoft EXE Blocker 2005.1.31 Name: TEAM TBE s/n: 11020464www.oggisoft.de
Oggisoft Registerkarten Editor German 2005.10.88 Name: TEAM TBE s/n: 16447704www.oggisoft.de
One Cat File Manager 2.02 Name: GeFcReW s/n: 1122334GSARPLNwww.onecatweb.com
One Click CD DVD Writer 1.21 S/N: CDBURN-16BXUT-BBOGUT-193BFD-LL19Y2-UNLOCK SN: CDBURN-1D1FYW-5UD0K4-1AAOL7-QUFUYU-UNLOCK SN: CDBURN-1DEYBF-846UAW-15J15G-OP06BA-UNLOCK By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.oneclicktools.com/cdwriter12.exe
One Click Ringtone Converter 1.1 S/N: 2LB2J2A4-N47F8D-1B8LIA-KOBLH4-MHA5CE-409A5A By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.streamware-dev.com/
OO-Structure Maker for Delphi 5 1.0 Name: REVENGE CREW S/N: SEDHWSWIWHKJSEDJ By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.dlldesigner.com
OO-Structure Maker for Delphi 6 1.0 Name: REVENGE CREW S/N: SEDHWSWIWHKJSEDJ By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.dlldesigner.com
OO-Structure Maker for Delphi 7 1.0 Name: REVENGE CREW S/N: SEDHWSWIWHKJSEDJ By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.dlldesigner.com
Opera 11000 Name: Nikola S/N: 1352005 ja sam jawww.opera.com
Opera 7.54u2 s/n: w-WMiJe-jYFuz-EW8Am-cD5SM-ipx6cwww.opera.com
Opera 8.00 or later Name: SFdT WST S/N: s/n : w-sNRTB-kkYmU-J6Bta-45tJR-Sj4xz s/n : w-mMsDc-Unp3v-Wi4KE-ny4RF-D8Rha s/n : w-wtXFr-i5vXj-3TFvQ-ap58i-4rbkT Thank you fo choosing SFdT WST! go to official SFdT WST page at:search in googlewww.opera.com
Oplayo Media Designer 3.6.4 s/n: 3YR8424XSW20P3G0www.oplayo.com
ORCA 13.0 S/N: Kundennr. 13899 Lizenztext: Fachhochschule Lippe und Höxter, 37671 Höxter Lizenznr.: OOM76 – Ue3qw – agO62 – o6Eu3 – agqLÄ (null)
Ordix Mpack Professional 4.72 Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: MPK472-C0087-8AD70-2060Awww.ordix.com
Orphalese Tarot .NET 5.5.1 Name: king_KINK s/n1: 894438 s/n2: 2127224369780496www.orphalese.net
OSL2000 Boot Manager 8.80 s/n: BHB-HAI-PFOAwww.osloader.com
OTo Protect Photos 1.5 s/n: AWOEUTM9OR45EIwww.quotevision.net
Outlook Express Backup V6.5 V6.5 Name: Aline S/N: OEB-363F86A0A2008AE7http://www.genie-soft.com/
Outlook Picture Extractor 1.33 Name: TEAM ACME s/n: 78409818www.ope2000.com
Panorado Name: email:heretic@hush.ai S/N: 569f495e-02050000-0213a3b4-d1cd4f97 By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.panorado.com
Partition Magic Pro 8.0 S/N: PM80PM800ENSP1-11141269 0ENSP1-11111131 (null)
Password Door 7.0.2 s/n: 83524-86774-82745-92071www.toplang.com
PC 2 Answering Machine Pro Edition s/n: oeiu-564-oqei-97www.teley.com
PC Booster 3 S/N: 34623-igcd-97387 (null)
PC SYNC PRO 5.0 S/N: Z6SN-9NXE-EG7A-XQ86 (null)
PC Weather Machine 1.2.3 Name: TEAM TBE s/n: IJDP-7121-2195-7000www.pcwm.com.ar
PC-Adresszz Enterprise 6.06 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: V6E-6R74TR-2X5QW9-4T63V7-WM7G5Uwww.hastasoft.de
PC-Adresszz Professional 6.06 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: V66-D36QBS-77P7RT-7757RT-77P73Twww.hastasoft.de
PC-Network Remote Server 2.1 Name: d/tmg s/n: Vd-195728www.hastasoft.de
PDACookbook Plus 3.7.6 Name: AGAiN tEAM s/n: 13123www.wakefieldsoft.com
PDF Generator 1.48 Name: Team F4CG s/n: D3810ACC26A0EEA0B766EE0750FFADA0www.alientools.com
PDF U Append Desktop Edition 1.08 s/n: IJ110H93016M4435J75KH4JM2IJ8JJ29KIJ82HJKJL2MH1I5ww w.traction-software.co.uk
PDF2HTML 1.6 E-Mail: anything s/n: 15$/Q892X2OD6N59www.verypdf.com
pdfFactory Pro Enterprise 2.35 Name: EMBRACE s/n: EYE8-85VL-EKR2www.pdffactory.com
Pdffactory Pro Server Edition 2.50 S/N: CD62M-QY77D-DLDZ6 sn:VZ7C4-W6DM2-JZQE6 sn:P7AR7-TPDM2-X72D6 By Alkavour (12/01/2006)http://www.fineprint.com/
Pentom AgentOrganizer 2.7.82 s/n: 1697-2994-7022-1844www.pentomtechnologies.com
Pentom AgentOrganizer 2.8.29 s/n: 1697-2950-2022-1364www.pentomtechnologies.com
PercussionStudio 3.1b Name: The Millenium Group s/n: JTJXMEHGCGwww.henrykellner.com
Perfect Keylogger 1.62.DC10262005 Name: CRUDE s/n: DHRU-JGKA-FGNJ-HNFEwww.blazingtools.com
Persits AspJpeg Name: Hambo s/n: 63294-52920-94153www.persits.com
Personal Inspector 4.14 Name: Team EXPLOSiON E-Mail: Team EXPLOSiON s/n: R1XU7DXG21I182HMXIMIX5DFKwww.personal-inspector.com
Personal Inspector 4.22 Name: Team EXPLOSiON E-Mail: Team EXPLOSiON s/n: 9DBBVXXJJAXB12XBZ1FI7DDYRwww.personal-inspector.com
Personal Mailing List 1.2k Name: TEAM ACME s/n: RKS-3612184www.rkssoftware.com
Personalzeit Manager Name: Team ACME s/n1: PM128528 s/n2: 70387245www.zwahlen-informatik.ch
PestPatrol 4 S/N: 08116751427 (null)
Phoenix Backup Professional s/n: J3F0B-87K9G-A97HF-A9XH4-BF696www.s-a-d.de
Phone Calls Filter s/n: asoip_35_sldk_413www.teley.com
Phone Recorder Plus s/n: exr-987-mvp-im10www.teley.com
Photo Screensaver Maker 5.0 Name: BRD Cult S/N: 0ED63A40-7E7CCE93-95F6F221-1A7D1286-077FCEFC-306B992A-73E4D82D-3FC7898E By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.aone-soft.com
Photo Vector 1.98.5 Name: TEAM HERETiC S/N: email:heretic@inter.net serial:011MU2MASPR7GM4TC0B By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.algolab.com/Photovector.htm
PhotoFiltre Studio 7.3 Name: KaiZer SoZe S/N: 74B57-D5274-884E7-DB17B By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.photofiltre.com/
PhotoFiltre 6.1 Name: KaiZer SoZe s/n: 1EFAC-F0B8D-B47C8-EB47Cwww.photofiltre.com
PhotoImpact 11 S/N: 111A3-0B000-01054510 Great Software for Photo and Graphic Editing and Creationhttp://www.ulead.com
PhotoToFilm E-Mail: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 91091090073078032107081083080097081085096www.kcsof twares.com
PhotoToFilm Name: CRUDE s/n: 21074103093069076www.kcsoftwares.com
PhotoToFilm Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 91105080082086032101088086074090085089088www.kcsof twares.com
Picture Ace 2.5.9 s/n: 3BF9-C8E2-8F57-F291-242F-BCFD-0965-AF98-82E1-2D75www.pictureace.com
Picture Suite Name: ReD0c/GEAR S/N: 3009-2963-6114-GEARhttp://www.ck-software.de
Pigna 1.60 s/n: ZWVDFRPYLCXwww.trillium-production.de
Pigna 1.70 s/n: ZWVDFRPYLCXwww.trillium-production.de
Pindersoft ASL Logbook 1.0.1788 s/n: 063063A2-2E05-4250-9639-57BCE8192C2Bwww.pindersoft.com
Pindersoft CardFile PS.Net 2.1.1800.19594 s/n: E090DA94-B9C5-42e5-B09E-2792580C207Fwww.pindersoft.com
Pindersoft Source Code Organizer PS 2.0 s/n: 6FAA4915-8231-4575-8EE0-CBD429C1171Fwww.pindersoft.com
Pindersoft Web Resources 2.5 s/n: 8F4F111F-1F05-4555-9D25-902837785140www.pindersoft.com
Pink Calendar and Day Planner 5.0 s/n: 14921776www.orangesoftware.net
Pintexx pinTab Net 2.0 s/n: 5B4E4D3D3A3C3D3Fwww.pintexx.com
Planet Earth 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your name) Code : IoN8hhTlp3hwvnPWhttp://www.digimindsoft.com
Planet Jupiter 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your name) Code : 1fFrWIdHktCeHuIy (null)
Planet Mars 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your name) Code : C931ruEUzelsNCnkwww.space-screensavers.com
Planet Mercury 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your name) Code : ojiumuTV0TqoLZTkwww.space-screensavers.com
Planet Neptune 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your name) Code : eP5A44B8fBzNctqawww.space-screensavers.com
Planet Pluto 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your name) Code : Ksn9vgGZo1j92CTY or 50CUCCH8N2FRNccJwww.space-screensavers.com
Planet Saturn 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your name) Code : FIuMphJmE2wodEI5www.space-screensavers.com
Planet Uranus 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name: (Your name) Serial: G8mnGVNqKNR86B86www.space-screensavers.com
Planet Venus 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your name) Code : kZ2voxY5QCt3sSAywww.space-screensavers.com
PlanMaker 2004 R279b Name: AGAiN tEAM E-Mail: AGAiN tEAM s/n1: 74760329107-PH-FT s/n2: 2CT3D-L7HXJ-BY5U4-9DFF0-Z9031www.softmaker.de
Plato DVD Ripper 1.16 s/n: 5350-21800-9094-7356www.dvdtomp3.net
Plato DVD Ripper 1.17 s/n: 5716S17153V572085717www.dvdtomp3.net
Plato DVD Ripper 2.33 S/N: 751387C0F6B0DED2492CE9C1148E9C351BA99E7C4C50695038 5A8CA4E836FA283CC26EEB7EA7796A6D75B1BC55B11F8B sn:60136E2661CE5DBC6B5AB48FE8FD31B10DC88DA68773E78 6B77DA877CD11BF185D5372D0E9EC70C0C5E9D4AB1515A07F sn:6BC9C85E38957131098C984ED0AF59690BA011443EB4EE6 09124E By Alkavour (23/01/2006)www.dvdtomp3.net
Plato DVD To MP3 Ripper 2.2.0 s/n: 6171-6704-16304-3959www.dvdtomp3.net
Plato DVD To MP3 Ripper 2.2.1 s/n: 3281-6827-19539-9961www.dvdtomp3.net
PNG MNG Construction Set 2.0.46a Name: TEAM LAXiTY s/n: 21493-09-21343-16www.mindworkshop.com
Pochette r12 2 s/n1: 240373 s/n2: t12t52zaw12www.pochette.org
Pocket Video Maker 1.1 1.1 S/N: GJKFKSEPLHGL (null)
Pocket wissen.de Lexikon 2004 1.3a s/n: 24-PoWi-177-0000-Le04 www3.gdata.de
PodPlus 1.0.3 Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 1888-3524-2712-6666www.ipodsoft.com
Pop Up Sentry 1.0.1052 s/n1: 000-653-7724 s/n2: c6b9-dce2-c762-5247www.popupsentry.com
PopThis Professional s/n: FRLHCR8S7AFE53C4427409D1www.surfapps.com
Poser 6 Name:www.bestserials.com S/N: XF60CUC-17LD-CZY3-573V-SGA1 (null)
Postage Saver Pro Name: TEAM ACME s/n: 43486829 savepostage.com
Power Archiver 2006 9.51 Name: Alan Cuteri S/N: Q8WG-82XS-3VG5 (null)
Power Archiver 9.51 Name: Alan Cuteri S/N: Q8WG-82XS-3VG5 (null)
Power Kasse Name: TEAM ACME s/n1: KA145615875 s/n2: 23426917www.zwahlen-informatik.ch
Power PDF professionell S/N: 7553-2408-8f67-40AD-26B9-56B4http://www.gdata.de/filemanager/list/4/
Power Shutdown 4.0 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: 169398262 By Alkavour (23/01/2006)http://www.snowportion.com/file/PS.exe
Power Spy 2006 Name: DIGERATI s/n: EVOF-VLFK-QGBO-DVQC-1OFK-KFKOwww.ematrixsoft.com
Power Spy 4.0 Name: Team GRACO s/n: FMJH-MKAK-TFMK-DLTD-VKHV-LAUNwww.ematrixsoft.com
Power Utilities 2005 7.0 S/N: English sn: CK5NM-5MJYL-D87BP-YLHP4-FM5N8 German sn: WQ3BG-9AP39-L8DRL-WYN8C-98HNP Russian sn: LESRG-7Q6ZF-J2K4K-LG6FW-Z2K4E French sn: Z5WSL-YVF7R-6KCYX-T45ZH-J8658 Czech sn: P5R34-KVBWB-SRQVH-97T3L-GUHZ6 By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.acronis.com
Power Video Converter 1.3.15 Name: Team Cafe s/n: 7F3E6F28-A506BA6A-C720347D-A98E041B-355DFBCB-1C132BD7-D0666F66-21E64261www.apussoft.com
Power Video Converter 1.57 Name: alkavour S/N: 24CA4275-6CA378E9-29C4CFF7-F17732FF-66A5EFF9-4792DFDD-A117CDF8-D67B7AAD By Alkavour (23/01/2006)www.apussoft.com
PowerArchiver 2006 9.51 Name: Mopi S/N: Name: Alan Cuteri Code: Q8WG-82XS-3VG5 (null)
PowerDVD 5 S/N: MV665539947KX882 (null)
PowerExif 1.2 S/N: 06010021-24010919-D53A1E64-0A2025B3-A999E973 (null)
Powerpoint PPT to AVI GIF Converter 1.10 s/n: pptavi20-1009www.avimpeg.net
Powerpoint PPT to Flash GIF Converter 1.02 s/n: pptswf20-1022www.avimpeg.net
Powerpoint tp Flash V1.63 Name:www.bizimklub.com S/N: 916E-4523-E980-66D7-DB74-B3C1-C65B-4EB4www.bizimklub.com
PowerTCP Mail for .NET 2.1.1 s/n1: 3040-3-25463-1b9885 s/n2: 01e816www.powertcp.com
PowerTCP Secure Mail for .NET 1.0.2 s/n1: 3041-5-34590-829411 s/n2: a7d659www.powertcp.com
PowerTCP ZipLite Compression Tool 1.8.2 S/N: 1620-4-33618-364705 KEY: 36552013 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.dart.com/downloads/ZipLiteTool.exe
PowerUp XP PLatinum 2 S/N: PUPPBN-770RFB-4YX7ANhttp://www.download.com/Ashampoo-PowerUp-XP-Platinum-2/3000-2086-10028404.html?part=dl-AshampooP⊂
PPC TOOLKIT PRO 3.5.100305 Name: KaiZer SoZe s/n: BIDP32-KAIZERSOZE-67250-ADDA06995Fwww.ppctoolkit.com
Premium Clock 2.21 s/n: mvn93460v0kgjnbo835760c7 premiumclock.com
Pretty Good MahJongg 2.10 Name: TeamHS s/n: 2m9×4m98kJTvwww.goodmj.com
PrinterExpress 1.3 Name: DEVOTED s/n: 691-20397-705-523www.southbaypc.com
PS FileRenamer 2.37 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY Company: VRL s/n: 360-1325997-9118www.polarsoft.de
PS3 4.10.0240 S/N: 3-595-004-01http://www.gmc-instruments.com
PSPWare Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 1AA5-D7AC-7FF3-8C2Fwww.nullriver.com
PushVNC 1.1.2 S/N: 5003-3298-6727-3802 By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.andersonit.com/pushvnc.htm
Quest ActiveRoles Direct 5.1.1 Name: Bergelmir/CORE s/n: 4E37E4610B41C373995E7BDACBAD56FEwww.quest.com
Quest MessageStats 5.0.1 Name: Bergelmir/CORE s/n: 2C1CB58E87EC8E08995E7BDACBAD56FEwww.quest.com
Quest Spotlight on Active Directory Name: Bergelmir/CORE s/n: 295710059649271166750www.quest.com
Quick Screen Note 1.2 Name: 4kusN!ck S/N: OMPNMFFARNCGHCQM Mail: 4kusNick@revenge-crew.com By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.oleansoft.com/quickscreennote.htm
quick time 7.0.3 S/N: 4UJ2-5NLF-HFFA-9JW3-X2KV (null)
quickoffice 2.0.5 S/N: 351965007188799 (null)
Quittungsdrucker German 2.0.2 s/n: 455-56565-521585www.svo-nrw.de
Qurb 3.0 Name: GWB or serialz.to or SERIALZ.TO S/N: TEHC-H6F4-26FC-ZTAE or ECTE-XCH6-EX68-C4TK 49YF-ZK8K-4TAA-X6FF Qurb allows only mail from approved senders to your Inbox, checks sender credentials to warn about phishing attempts and lets you search your emails quickly, toowww.qurb.com
Qurb Name: Alexandra S/N: C3K3-Z9EH-9TZE-H62C Qurb couldn’t be more elegant or simpler to use: Upon installation, it adds a mere three buttons and a folder to your Microsoft Outlook client, and it uses nothing but a whitelist to filter incoming messageswww.qurb.com
Radio Tracker s/n: 248581068www.radiotracker.com
RadioJack 1.4.7 s/n: LLLF6K-HATAX4-4L7LVF-U3L9LG-207SSRwww.s-a-d.de
RAM Saver Pro 4.1 s/n: 2387013217-NIHDS-OTS8S-MS92Nwww.wintools.net
Rapid Network Configurator 1.02 Name: REVENGE CREW S/N: 0LH0-SF0K-EQT0-0QH0 or Name: wh0kn0ws Serial: E4E7-27BF-407Q-EN0Q By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.winmobiletools.com/
Real RM Converter 1.00 Name: Anyname S/N: rrc10-cheng-2005 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.rmconvert.com
Real Spy Monitor 2.26 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: KBDV/kdspy|**www.realrecorder.net
Real Spy Monitor 2.27 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: KBDV/kdspy|**www.realrecorder.net
RealVNC Enterprise Edition 4.1.9 S/N: 4LHR4-3HRY2-BC4D2-R4R4R-2NHKAhttp://www.realvnc.com
Recipe Builder 2.0 First Name: TEAM TBE Last Name: TEAM TBE s/n: sjw19475064www.wilcherish.com
RegDoctor 1.51 S/N: DGFABFCE-IDRERDBQ snGFABEJI-BRITVKDR snGFABFGC-FUDBMVSR By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.itcompany.com
Registry Defragmentation v7.7.10.17 Name: VDOWN@RG S/N: JXZPXF-AKLXT-AU9QJ-VDHX7-TWRFN-5EQLDhttp://www.elcor.net/rdefrag.php
Registry First Aid 4.0 S/N: BX-KKT3-F9F74T-KAFL3ALM-HN3ACMKA-MC2LANH9-3362KK Muss funktionieren, da es eine orginal Seriennummer ist. mailto:chuclemens@yahoo.de
Registry First Aid 4.1 build 707 S/N: S/N: Name: BOBBY W LYNCH S/N:MFMMK4-N6L9AAHF-4THCLL96-NH9F3H7K-MFFHT9-R7PH mailto:chuclemens@yahoo.de
Registry Fix 2.0 Name: CRUDE s/n: KN1AP-INUR0-OHJPBwww.registryfix.com
Registry Fix 2.2 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: VH38R-WQ8PT-G0BDBwww.registryfix.com
registry mechanic Name: Giovanni Arocho S/N: BFDF-D4A4-6FE8-58A9-534C-7BB2-111C-C93B it works for 5.0.144 version alsowww.cracksearchengine.net
RegVac 4.02.07 s/n: HEADlifterUPwww.superwin.com
Remote Admin. 2.1 S/N: 08tw0EI8K+Uehp21FXLV+jQKLmSFCH0ySsxDoUNg7dkir7us64 nVXGgwCmU+pFZ0+0HwwzbRIKgyL9Wb-T+SH6e3 (null)
Remote Control Tools 0.9.0 Name: UnderPl Team s/n: 3781755126www.xstudio.ca
Remote Control Tools 1.0.0 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: 1544805041 By Alkavour (15/01/2006)www.xstudio.ca
Rental Property Tracker Plus 1.8.4 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: TV2175-YRLTIIIV spiritworks-software.com
repair registry pro 1.2 Name: abel S/N: WZEIUOI78W987890378947W870890W238 (null)
Replication Exec 3.1.1 s/n: NZXT-NJ3V-8BNN-6ONC-4ZPP-P6www.veritas.com
Repligo 2,0 S/N: RAWME1P3-45678352 The repligo viewer for the palm is free, same web site.www.cerience.com
RepliStor s/n: QOFNHLIJ-4YAD3KF3CA9X9897www.legato.com
resco photo viwer v 5.32 S/N: Andrés F. Montero SN;21431www.resco.net
Resolume 2.1 s/n: B27164E2C9C59E86www.resolume.com
Rest in Peace 1.0.4 s/n: iND06290www.elephant-games.com
RIP Vinyl 3.35 Retail S/N: 1cdcac456642 By Alkavour (23/01/2006)http://www.ripvinyl.com/
RIP Vinyl 3.38 S/N: bcde1415f60c By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.ripvinyl.com/
River Past Audio Capture E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: SDDD7ATE9STW8E8BDRCWBFwww.riverpast.com
River Past Audio CD Ripper E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: SDB9V9WCT8WWCD6VE7WCFCWFCWwww.riverpast.com
River Past Audio Converter Pro E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: SDDR7ATVT8W5WC6VE7W7FCWFCWwww.riverpast.com
River Past Cam Do Webmaster Edition E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: SDDR7AT58STWR5EBDRCS7FWWWFCWwww.riverpast.com
River Past PlayDV E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: SDDD7AT5ESTWDE9BDRCVFCWFCWwww.riverpast.com
River Past Screen Recorder Pro E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: SDD67AT58STSDS6VE7SBFWWFCWwww.riverpast.com
River Past Talkative E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: SDD57ATSESTWBE9BDRCVFCWFCWwww.riverpast.com
River Past Video Cleaner Pro E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: SDD67AT58STW5W8BDRCVFCWFCWwww.riverpast.com
River Past Video Perspective E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: SDD77AT5ESTSD56VE7WCFCWFCWwww.riverpast.com
River Past Video Slice E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: SDD87ATE8STW6SEBDRCWFFWWWFCWwww.riverpast.com
RM to AVI MPEG WMV VCD SVCD DVD Converter 2.7.0 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY S/N: awHRVuG3i6dXKNkDAwiXsoeH88gTOcH85wIu+5dDDoUBnUk7sa By Alkavour (23/01/2006)http://www.witcobber.com/
Road Rush 1.5.0 s/n: regkrnlbewww.elephant-games.com
Rob Papen ConcreteFX Blue VSTi 1.1 s/n: 80748688422958107218www.robpapen.com
Roll Call Client-Server 3.02 Name: TEAM LAXiTY s/n: A4E352www.westbrooksoftware.com
Roller Rush 1 S/N: Name : Deep Blue Code : GDQW6-RCKJG-FAVDSwww.gamehouse.com
Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 8 s/n: N8-1MSHU-D86DJ-3BZ92www.sonic.com
Roxio easy media creator v7.5 S/N: FL-WGJK7-DLL6T-VKV2Y (null)
Roxio WinOnCD German 8.0 s/n: CP-RB3HX-1HKQ7-6RCL3www.sonic.com
R-Studio ? S/N: Registration key FAT: RAAAAXYRd58Lo6v4Odg4opuDso25R9jhBuy4g92jexkd7srnNN JO95nG2aR/0r+PgVNtw4nB4qMzR5KqbSQK/3tu0LSr Registration key NTFS: RAAADqPpP+9t/LTLcU86qm4WG/mbTss1/XhNFfR4XD+GPqfNMiA29oI+0ERAAd7NXCZtLtw8Aej2qhhw3Za OT8laKHMA R-Studio is a family of file restoring utilities. It recovers files both on local disks and on disks on remote computers over network, even if their partition structures are damaged. A unique IntelligentScan technology and flexible parameter settings give (null)
SafeTweak XP 1.0.9 s/n: 2553DCFDWT56BDWW9BD17006AT92708M2F2B safetweak.50webs.com
Save Flash 2.5 (0236) Name: tDS Crew s/n: DEMgkCfxQBnWwww.saveflash.com
Save Flash 2.5 (0237) Name: tDS Crew s/n: W1M6fcS5GS19www.saveflash.com
Save Flash 2.5.1 s/n: FXRN3ImBja Swww.saveflash.com
Scan&Repair Utilities 2006 2.9.0 S/N: Order Number: 666 Activation Key: G39A-C2GH-98G8-AE9D By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.scanandrepair.com
ScreenHunter 4.2.667 S/N: License type:Single user no of users:1 License key:SH4Y-7S9M-DLQQ-981F-K9W3 By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.wisdom-soft.com/
ScreenSmart Screen Capture 3.0 S/N: 12400107Mv{1496035 (null)
Scriptmation Registry Master 1.1 s/n: RM2375138124463796www.scriptmation.com
Search Engine Composer 5.0 Name: chendler s/n: 0QBW5F-B8AEMU-V6KX5C-9EUG3Y-P4UPCAwww.mtopsoft.com
Secway SimpPro 2.1.3 Name: SSG Company: SSG Team s/n: 8TZ6IG8MB6EZHE9C3VVJYYXDKwww.secway.com
Serpengo 1.0 S/N: 1200406101 By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.playactive.com/play/
SFV Checker 1.13 s/n1: 411955 s/n2: J8Z0ZHJ5JHKAKXJXL1LDVHLBLDM1WKMHMOMQLBLHL18VMOL1L6 8Mwww.traction-software.co.uk
Siemens Mobile Control 2.2.0 s/n: 0GJRB-10ETQ-LBNER-SOH31-A5035-F48O1-6Ewww.mysiemens.cz
Signsoft intelliBO Professional s/n: WBD1ZE-U36ZF7-HUESZQ-M2SWVLwww.signsoft.com
sim city 3000 unlimited S/N: 1507-5970039-5977587-7613 (null)
SimonTools Antispam 2004 1.0 s/n: 04Z00-28806-0D7PU-3300L-1247Pwww.s-a-d.de
SimonTools CyberGhost 2004 1.1 s/n: 0DA49-66FA4-C6932-6C79D-63E88www.s-a-d.de
SimonTools Email Backup 2004 2.41 s/n: 20W0L-AS3HK-56E79-AUCZ1-E3VYTwww.s-a-d.de
SimonTools Outlook Tuner 2004 1.0 s/n: 01D9A-7B11C-F3608-E7A76-A9D34www.s-a-d.de
SimonTools Partition Backup 2004 1.0 s/n: 122P7S-555VWG-67R7UF-N8M6GY-EFLZL2www.s-a-d.de
SimonTools PDF-Maker 2004 1.00 s/n: 10ZA6S-WVC075-HE8LXN-Q0L8G8-ZKQ5AFwww.s-a-d.de
SimonTools XP-Tuner 2004 1.20 s/n: DDT00-2L4QE-02CB2-DM0DQ-1M0AUwww.s-a-d.de
Simplify 1.3.3 Name: TEAM TBE Company: TEAM TBE s/n: P978-9ZD8-29L6-G129www.simplify-excel.com
Simply Calenders 4.1.665 Name: Team Cafe s/n: 1004DF143165767149www.skerryvoresoftware.com
SimplyID 4.0 s/n: S2022125196www.simplyid.com
SiSoftware Sandra Professional 2005.2.10.50 s/n: 227AA7L2X4DYL7G4HN46WLLKPTK7PAwww.sisoftware.co.uk
sistem java cldc-1.1 S/N: 46540-44654 (null)
Slick View 1.0.011 s/n1: VSW109550719727 s/n2: KRGCMWZIwww.slickwin.com
Slick ViewPlus 1.0.001 s/n1: VSP103654081652 s/n2: WPZBTDQCwww.slickwin.com
Slick ViewPlus 1.0.013c s/n1: VSP107154522746 s/n2: TNFDGLSDwww.slickwin.com
Slideshow Pro 9.7.3 s/n: 81300474OOVAOWUX19www.mediakg.com
Small Business Publisher 3.0 S/N: Z5XDJBOL9D9MHM9V (null)
Smaller Animals ImgSource s/n: {242D4143-80B6-6814-EF6E-E531AE3E5690}www.smalleranimals.com
smart list to go 3.003 Name: xxxx S/N: 23333 (null)
Smart Undelete 2.4 s/n: 4K5TY-UT3C2-KWP54-71MN2www.smartundelete.com
Smart Undelete 2.x S/N: 4K5TY-UT3C2-KWP54-71MN2www.smartundelete.com
Smart Version 2.00 Name: b! – LineZer0 s/n: C0A492A0www.smartversion.com
SmartBroker Pro 4.0 S/N: 81X17245WB247XP256 By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://mywebpages.comcast.net/smartbroker/SB/index.htm
SmartCode VNC Manager s/n: BJB7D-H7JT6-AUU59-BL7H8-DT9P3www.yurysweb.com
SnagIt 8 Name: omar S/N: D5DSC-WZCBM-JRHSC-QVTEV-TR7R8www.techsmith.com/
SnagIt v7.2.3 Name: Morgan (İstenilen ismi kabul eder) S/N: B2F48C0B0FFFB14656 or 191F3623773DB15A2F or C6853B733C14B17327 or 25F259D700DAB12366 or D35419A96B83B10BD9 or D99229614100B153A4 or 8135D01C241DB133F7www.techsmith.com/
Snappy Invoice System 4.30 Name: alkavour S/N: 115251719V4 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.nstarsolutions.com/sis/index.html
SnipeMonkey Name: EMBRACE s/n: 941DE0FB93C53A68www.snipemonkey.com
Socks Proxy Provider 1.1 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: 8814060411 By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.juriksoft.net/files/JSProxyProvider.exe
SoftDisc 2.52 Name: alkavour S/N: 33A5-4BA4-864F-CDA6 By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.ezbsystems.com/softdisc/index.html
SoftGoGo CD DVD Analyse 3.02 s/n: 737340065156 softgogo.com
SoftGoGo Direct Audio CD 1.20 s/n: 680730902897 softgogo.com
SoftProbe Analyzer Name: Team EPN Company: Team EPN s/n: ZITOD-0RZAT-MGZ19-LZPDU-NISKBwww.softprobe.com
Software Timelock 4.3.0 Name: Mr. Sparkle s/n: 333 leithauserresearch.com
solidworks 2005 S/N: 3840 0400 8634 4076 office model with no custom. authorization 21K1FA37 code (null)
SolSuite 2005 5.2 s/n: 1675293257 Upgrade s/n: 2528574028www.solsuite.com
SonicMQ 6.1 s/n: 5kp3btyasps6vv3www.sonic.com
SortPics 2.5 Name: Team_EXPLOSiON s/n: yuoiyekyXZCEPEBXEGwww.sortpics.com
SourcePublisher for Ada 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: A2302D0D5AA5www.scitools.com
SourcePublisher for C Plus Plus 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: 528BC0BDB715www.scitools.com
Space Exploration 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: name : (Your name) serail : qRYxVDeIPM1UqrLXwww.digimindsoft.com
Space Plasma 3D Screensaver 1.5 S/N: Name: (Your name) S/N: SXXX-X3SXAAMVQZ8V-AXAHwww.digimindsoft.com
Space Trip 3D Screensaver 1.2 S/N: Name: (Your name) S/N: bxDpax6P6h7Q6m0awww.digimindsoft.com
Spam Sweeper 3.0 s/n: es3x-7xd6i-386rwww.pcprivacysoftware.com
SpamION 1.0 Name: Cracking Scene Stars E-Mail: Cracking@Scene.Stars s/n: 123414www.spamion.com
Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 4.51 s/n: F2240E60-018D-11d5-A76F-2CA2A-8OJ3-BE7H-91N3-SQVN-A0www.sparxsystems.com.au
Speed CD Ripper 1.0.1 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 820B9BC5-659BE349-0B3DC430-01B3776F-6336FFDD-8D759201-89E7321C-F830EFFAwww.softflyers.com
Speed Current Task Russian 2.0 Name: Zer0Zer0Zer0 s/n: 0Zer0Zer191840www.alonewolfsoft.narod.ru
Speed DVD Creator 2.3.6 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: E0F64F34-5E9D1204-DFE5CEF5-5DFA605A-39CFAB82-FE5C4CB7-C8EFDE8E-DC74491Bwww.softflyers.com
Speed DVD Creator 2.3.7 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: E0F64F34-5E9D1204-DFE5CEF5-5DFA605A-39CFAB82-FE5C4CB7-C8EFDE8E-DC74491Bwww.softflyers.com
Speed DVD Creator 2.3.8 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: E0F64F34-5E9D1204-DFE5CEF5-5DFA605A-39CFAB82-FE5C4CB7-C8EFDE8E-DC74491Bwww.softflyers.com
Speed Video Converter 2.2.11 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 7842AD91-DBAEE83C-7ACA5867-6678D2EB-86FB7456-75F693AF-C3A1C5BC-09B1592Ewww.softflyers.com
Speed Video Converter 2.2.8 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 7842AD91-DBAEE83C-7ACA5867-6678D2EB-86FB7456-75F693AF-C3A1C5BC-09B1592Ewww.softflyers.com
Speed Video Converter 2.2.9 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 7842AD91-DBAEE83C-7ACA5867-6678D2EB-86FB7456-75F693AF-C3A1C5BC-09B1592Ewww.softflyers.com
Speed Video Splitter 2.3.1 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 820B9BC5-659BE349-0B3DC430-01B3776F-6336FFDD-8D759201-89E7321C-F830EFFAwww.softflyers.com
Speed Video Splitter 2.3.2 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 820B9BC5-659BE349-0B3DC430-01B3776F-6336FFDD-8D759201-89E7321C-F830EFFAwww.softflyers.com
Speed Video to Audio Converter 1.0.1 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 39BCA954-A6634867-8B38AEC2-4EE02387-07D4E5D2-106CDE76-D8E4B730-8A8E7296www.softflyers.com
Spies A Coldwar Daybook 2.0p Name: TEAM LAXiTY s/n: 21955-09-22107-18www.mindworkshop.com
Spreadsheet Consolidator for MS Excel 1.0 s/n: RISK-HELP-MATH-WAREwww.modeladvisor.com
Spy Emergency 2005 2.0.305 Name: BRD Cult E-Mail: BRD Cult s/n: 195FEBC-FCF3C82-F7CE539-D43EA632www.spy-emergency.com
Spy Emergency 2005 2.0.310 Name: BRD Cult E-Mail: BRD Cult s/n: 195FEBC-FCF3C82-F7CE539-D43EA632www.spy-emergency.com
Spy-CD 5.4 “s/n: 409962,75958″www.phdcc.com
Spysheriff Unknown Name:http://www.mher1990.narod.ru S/N: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.sbi] @=”SpyRemover.SBIFile” “CLSID”=”{6B646E77-6A33-7066-6B73-6468736E732C}” [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.sbi] @=”SpyRemover.SBIFile” “CLSID”=”{6B646E77-6A33-7066-6B73-6468736E732C}” Save this text as “remover.reg” and put the information in windows registerhttp://www.seriall.com
Spytech NetVizor 4.17 s/n: SP1d061508040b1b1976040810757Awww.spytech-web.com
Spytech NetVizor 4.18 S/N: SP1d061508040b1b1976040810757A By Alkavour (24/01/2006)www.spytech-web.com
Spyware Doctor s/n: 7FBE-5A89-9DE1-D8A5-6DB5-79C8-049A-35A0-81B5-FE2Ewww.pctools.com
Spyware Doctor S/N: License Name: THAN GIANG NAM S/N: 248C-0198-B029-A687-825E-DFF0-A69F-9D1C-7DE7-421Ewww.pctools.com
SQLyog Enterprise 4.0.2 Name: TaMaMBoLo s/n: d6903d1f8021e509www.webyog.com
SQLyog Enterprise 4.1 Name: SeVeN / FFF s/n: ee0ff29dffc782b9www.webyog.com
StarPrint ASPcodePrint 1.5.9 Name: Team HAZE s/n: 1641-3ADA-4559-BB3E-6A0Bwww.starprint2000.com
StarPrint OLEPrint 1.3.12 Name: Team HAZE s/n: 139A-3AB0-4569-5ABA-9C11www.starprint2000.com
StarPrint SQL2000Print 1.10.72 Name: Team HAZE s/n: 12FE-3983-1867-7C10-78B6www.starprint2000.com
StarPrint SQL7Print 7.14.72 Name: Team HAZE s/n: 125A-3973-160F-61E5-7E3Dwww.starprint2000.com
StarPrint VBAcodePrint 6.13.87 Name: Team HAZE s/n: 128F-3A10-2D90-FD69-5750www.starprint2000.com
StarPrint VBcodePrint 6.26.87 Name: Team HAZE s/n: 0CDC-397A-172F-C864-CFBEwww.starprint2000.com
StarPrint VBScodePrint 1.2.73 Name: Team HAZE s/n: 1749-3A16-2E74-0CFD-3745www.starprint2000.com
StarPrint VS.NETcodePrint C# 7.1.23 Name: Team HAZE s/n: 1CD2-39C4-222E-D5F0-AB7Awww.starprint2000.com
StarPrint VS.NETcodePrint J# 7.1.23 Name: Team HAZE s/n: 1FDD-39F4-2307-B097-C272www.starprint2000.com
StarPrint VS.NETcodePrint VB 7.1.23 Name: Team HAZE s/n: 1CD1-39D4-2487-B985-655Bwww.starprint2000.com
Star-Tools PartitionStar German 2.03 Name: TEAM BLZTEAM BLZ s/n: PS1-FE82B-EA6DT-BA76www.star-tools.com
Star-Tools PartitionStar 2.03 Name: TEAM BLZTEAM BLZ s/n: PS1-FE82B-EA6DT-BA76www.star-tools.com
StationRipper 2.24 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY E-Mail: team@vrl.com s/n: UKLORTwww.stationripper.com
StatusTitle Maker 5.0 s/n: 5k5f6k5s yaldex.com
Steganos Internet Anonym Pro 7.1.3 Name: tam/CORE s/n: 123-097-109-047-013www.steganos.com
Steganos Internet Trace Destructor 7.1.3 Name: tam/CORE s/n: 123-097-109-047-049www.steganos.com
Steganos Safe 7.1.3 Name: tam/CORE s/n: 123-097-109-047-137www.steganos.com
Steganos Security Suite 2006 8.0.1 Name: tam/CORE s/n: 123-097-109-047-115www.steganos.com
Steganos Security Suite 7 S/N: 049-000-093-055-137http://www.pc-magazin.de/common/regaktion/form.php?id=233 here you can create new serials – legalwww.steganos.com
Steganos Security Suite 7.1.3 Name: tam/CORE s/n: 123-097-109-047-193www.steganos.com
Steinberg WaveLab V. 5.01b S/N: ABCCU-BAUSO-RFBMN-BLFRA-AAYZEhttp://www.steinberg.de
Stereogram Magician 3.10 Name: TE@M PH S/N: 549773 By Alkavour (15/01/2006)http://www.microgameplay.com/stereogramM/index.htm
StocksAloud 1.50 s/n: 896734+904695+3171234512763296www.nextup.com
Stollfuss ABC Betriebspruefung 4.2005 s/n: JFCNBAwww.stollfuss.de
Stollfuss Investitionsfoerderung Edition German 06 2005 s/n: VDJIEPwww.stollfuss.de
Stollfuss KStG Edition German 5 2005 s/n: IMDSWAwww.stollfuss.de
Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows 2003 4.2 s/n: IEXD-AWDR-WD7P-D8HI-FF77-77G7-6Pwww.veritas.com
StormWare Tax 2005 build 5000 s/n: TP52PGAHSQZ3YEwww.stormware.cz
Style Xp 3.14 Name: Style Xp S/N: Program ID: OKLSNAA-SETMZVVE-FGHLSNM Serial Number: QZFBQY-KHZTL66C-GL354ACA-QSGX64QQ-M5ADMNM8-Kwww.tr-turk.com
Styxar Picomod3D 1.1 s/n: 4905475www.styxar.com
SU5 Customer Management System 1.0.7 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: SUD7-C154-4541-4D20www.sierrasoftltd.com
Subliminal Messages Flash 2.1 s/n: A14Dc18RTKJLO fire.prohosting.com
Subliminal Messages Hypno 2.1 s/n: A14Dc18RTKJLO fire.prohosting.com
Sun 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your name) Serial: ClujCAalKcnCwTq4 or QU5c6oYhGaQ6pfZIwww.space-screensavers.com
Sunbowsoft PowerSheet Professional 4.0.1 Name: TeaM LMi Company: Sanane s/n: RKLJ-BFMH-DVFH-WGG0-GQYY-RKLJwww.sunbowsoft.com
Sunbowsoft PowerSheet Standart 4.0.1 Name: TeaM LMi Company: Sanane s/n: RKLJ-BFMH-DVFH-WGG0-GQYY-RKLJwww.sunbowsoft.com
Super Ad Blocker s/n: 054-342-2484www.superadblocker.com
Super Clone DVD 4.0 B20050106 s/n: MSDVC-WZVK6V-159231-213101-173124www.dvd-clone-copy.com
Super Flexible File Synchronizer 2.55b.414 Name: KaiZer SoZe s/n: XSPAOLUXRWP0333www.superflexible.de
Super Flexible File Synchronizer 2.60.422 Name: KaiZer SoZe s/n: XSPAOLUXRWP0333www.superflexible.de
Super Flexible File Synchronizer 2.60c.426 Name: KaiZer SoZe s/n: XSPAOLUXRWP0333www.superflexible.de
Super Flexible File Synchronizer 2.61a.430 Name: ARN-4-EVER s/n: XSPVGXTXIQOE3333www.superflexible.de
Super Flexible File Synchronizer German 2.55b.414 Name: KaiZer SoZe s/n: XSPAOLUXRWP0333www.superflexible.de
Super Flexible File Synchronizer German 2.60c.426 Name: KaiZer SoZe s/n: XSPAOLUXRWP0333www.superflexible.de
Super Flexible File Synchronizer German 2.61a.430 Name: ARN-4-EVER s/n: XSPVGXTXIQOE3333www.superflexible.de
Super Flexible File Synchronizer Pro German 2.25a.343 Name: KaiZer SoZe s/n: XSPAOLUXRWP0333www.superflexible.com
Super Flexible File Synchronizer 2.25a.341 Name: KaiZer SoZe s/n: SFFAOLUXRWP0333www.superflexible.com
Super Text Search 2.82 s/n: AG3158NKwww.galcott.com
SuperCleaner 2.84 Name: Nacho S/N: 679-25428-549-6846 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.southbaypc.com/download/CleanSetup.exe
SuperCleaner 2.87 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: 2184-81952-1768-22064 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.southbaypc.com/download/CleanSetup.exe
Surprise Maker Name: BRD Cult E-Mail: BRD@Cult s/n: 5333-5862-5650-4B5A-5232-5771www.giber.si
Sweet MIDI Player for Windows 2.18 s/n: Chy-85p-cN66www.ronimusic.com
Sweet MIDI Player for Windows 2.19 s/n: Chy-85p-cN66www.ronimusic.com
Sweet Sixteen MIDI Sequencer 3.27 s/n: Pul-az74-9xfwww.ronimusic.com
Swift 3D 4.5.473 S/N: T3DW450-61683-58893-16947 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.erain.com/products/Xpress/
Switchsync 3.1 s/n: FWIL-IPYD-AWIM-XEFH-FPKGwww.livepim.com
Switchsync s/n: DLZM-SFCO-AZWK-FVMI-PGRWwww.livepim.com
Switchsync_ex s/n: RNNR-HLFW-PQZO-RIUF-GERZwww.livepim.com
SwordSearcher Name: Melborn [ACME] s/n: 42679456www.akamaisoftware.com
Synthepolis nrg-A VSTi 1.0 Name: Team BEAT s/n: 3BE0-AB3A-0075-E498-005Fwww.synthepolis.com
System Purifier 1.1.0 Name: BRD Cult s/n: SGSCF340JC2SVGEWwww.jitbit.com
System Suite 6 Professional 6 S/N: System Suite6 – 6112-0271-B357-VG7U-0NGS-34ST Autosave2 – AS2-ENH-3256689-WKPYwww.vcom.com
Systerac XP Tools 3.1 S/N: SXT3-FDAC-DBBB-NN3Q-BCDD-RPDAA (null)
Take Note 1.0 s/n: 1uc5pxqar9ja labcoat.tauniverse.com
Talisman Desktop 2.9.2900 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 75280119570660183222www.lighttek.com
Talker 1.9.8 Name: GeFcReW s/n: 301796 sharos.com.ru
Talking Time Keeper 15.1 S/N: ghsahjgejnowydsbskfwpigotwww.talkingtimekeeper.com
Tarma Installer Pro Site Lic. 2.99.2094 Name: Lord Blix/TSZ E-Mail: my@email.com s/n: 8VK6L9Y4Y32QYJ5PHQSXV9X22www.tarma.com
Tarma Installer Pro Special Lic. 2.99.2094 Name: Lord Blix/TSZ E-Mail: my@email.com s/n: H9KUWYU8Z2B4TGWSS9NWSBQCKwww.tarma.com
Tarma Installer Pro 2.99.2094 Name: Lord Blix/TSZ S/N: Email:my@email.com Site License:8VK6L9Y4Y32QYJ5PHQSXV9X22 Special License:H9KUWYU8Z2B4TGWSS9NWSBQCK By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.tarma.com/
Tarma Installer Pro 2.99.2185 Name: Lord Blix/TSZ S/N: Email:my@email.com Site License:8VK6L9Y4Y32QYJ5PHQSXV9X22 Special License:H9KUWYU8Z2B4TGWSS9NWSBQCK By Alkavour (05/01/2006)http://www.tarma.com/
Task Catcher Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 236-41-7617www.winpatrol.com
TaskInfo Name: icarus s/n: TSKINFA001-0599-F1HE-1780-71AJ-QB4Ewww.iarsn.com
TaxAct 2005 Deluxe 2005 S/N: 6601458 (null)
TaxSy PRO mit Steuerberaterkontierung German 4.1.0 s/n: jJ>IA2www.steuerberaterloesungen.de
TechSmith Camtasia Studio 2.1.2 Name: tam/CORE s/n: B423CA16E6E8616174www.techsmith.com
Teleport Pro 1.35 Name: BRD Cult s/n: 665620944www.tenmax.com
Teleport Pro 1.37 Name: BRD Cult s/n: 665620944www.tenmax.com
Teleport Pro 1.38 Name: BRD Cult s/n: 665620944www.tenmax.com
Teleport Pro 1.39 Name: BRD Cult S/N: 665620944 By Alkavour (23/01/2006)www.tenmax.com
Tempo French 2.12 Name: TEAM NGEN s/n: 4089187www.les7arts.com
Tempo 2.12 Name: TEAM NGEN s/n: 4089187www.les7arts.com
Termin-Master 4.66 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: 434988www.eberhard-werner.de
Terminplaner 7.21.1 First Name: TEAM Last Name: BLZ s/n: 53525C584D45554654www.picsoft.de
TerminXXL Name: TEAM *ViRiLiTY* DiD iT s/n: BB220D190AEC758CCC24748E2605www.sonnabend-edv.de
TextAloud MP3 2.014 s/n: QAJNAK-MC46GI-WGBJDT-SCXKBE-5LKMwww.nextup.com
TextMaker 2002 R405 Name: AGAiN tEAM E-Mail: AGAiN tEAM s/n: 2SC3D-PTYLV-BT2H7-RPFFT-X9305www.softmaker.de
The PC Detective 2.7.6 Company: TEAM TBE Name: TEAM TBE s/n: 784003509www.thepcdetective.com
The Sims Deluxe Edition 2000-2002 S/N: 2500-7595802-1664223-3506 Thank You sooo much 4 the photo shop code! here’s our bit!www.thesimsonline.com
The Sims Super Star (Expansion pack) 20 S/N: 2502-3335399-5844162-0164www.thesimsonline.com
The Sims Unleashed (Expansion pack) 200 S/N: 2503-9418682-0760010-3907www.thesimsonline.com
TheJMaker CardFun21 2005.02.16 s/n: B983203656856841www.thejmaker.com
Throttle Name: TEAM EMBRACE s/n: 47007627307566640+4+828124www.pgware.com
TinyStone Web Album 1.9.512 Name: BRD E-Mail: BRD@TeaM s/n1: W541OXNI s/n2: 666NJCM9www.tinystone.com
Topaz Moment 2.0 Name: TEAM ACME s/n: A44BAF4EBwww.topazlabs.com
Topicexplorer Desktop 1.0 First Name: TEAM TBE Last Name: TEAM TBE s/n: 163-39-46-14-11-230-172-48-250-231-80-1-13-233-243-47-248www.topicexplorer.com
TraCFoil 3.1.30-D S/N: 92140A6D9B09138A (null)
Treasure Chamber 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name : (Your Name) Code : 7UdwnZJCuMMioJH5www.digimindsoft.com
Treasure Vault 3D Screensaver 1.0 s/n: AXtqsqpiPsdniZK8www.terminalstudio.com
Trialbest Office Organizer 4.2 Name: TEAM TBE s/n:
TunUp Utilities 2006 S/N: Name : sTaLkEr Company : Privat Serial : JVX3R45K3L27UST2QUMCPCG5LLVSKYhttp://www.tuneup.de
Typeitin 2.6.1 Name: TEAM ElilA S/N: OTECKJYEVQWLDLF (null)
UB-Rechnung 2.07 Name: anything s/n: 78171www.ub-soft.de
ulead video studio 9.0 Name: giap S/N: 688A2-89000-86284035 (null)
UltraEdit French 11.20 Name: TEAM Z.W.T s/n: A4N0F-EPE1K-S9t5H-Q5′4Qwww.ultraedit.com
UltraEdit Italian 11.20 Name: TEAM Z.W.T s/n: A4N0F-EPE1K-S9t5H-Q5′4Qwww.ultraedit.com
UltraEdit Spanish 11.20 Name: TEAM Z.W.T s/n: A4N0F-EPE1K-S9)5H-Q5S4Qwww.ultraedit.com
UltraEdit 11.00 Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: P3R60-U0Y3F-C806V-P309Jwww.ultraedit.com
UltraEdit 11.00a Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: P3R60-U0Y3F-C806V-P309Jwww.ultraedit.com
UltraISO 7.65 SR-2 1269 Name: George Brown S/N: 3BCFD14A706E0B48 Thor_Mester_helóó_http://www.ezbsystems.com/download.htm
UltraSentry 1.0 Name: BLiZZARD TEAM s/n: U8S0M-M403F-Y4U0B-X4U50www.ultraedit.com
Understand for Ada 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: 4B4FD571A2D9www.scitools.com
Understand for C Plus Plus 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: 9D32060F71A7www.scitools.com
Understand for Fortran 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: 09BF9D8EEA26www.scitools.com
Understand for Java 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: CC654F5F38F7www.scitools.com
Understand for Jovial 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: 4E8EDBB0AC18www.scitools.com
Understand for Pascal 1.4.294 Name: Judas Priest s/n: BAB7308D4725www.scitools.com
Universal Boxing Manager 1.26 Name: DIGERATI s/n: KLHJORKGNGwww.winterwolves.com
Universal Resource Scheduler 2.5R3 S/N: Date : Today (25September2005) Serial : 9476170030230 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://workschedules.com/
USB LOCK AP 1.9 S/N: 426074 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.advansysperu.com/
USB LOCK RP 2.0 S/N: 2498343 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.advansysperu.com/
UseBestMail eBay Edition s/n: dw64NDaDRzR97GvLwww.usebestmail.com
UseBestMail eBay Edition s/n: BRD5>Cwww.usebestmail.com
UseBestMail Personal Edition s/n: RHM42Rpx0Gwww.usebestmail.com
UseBestMail Personal Edition s/n: F>DRWJ74FEwww.usebestmail.com
VB.Net to C# Converter 1.47 S/N: TYWAW-RKB2W-AUPLH-DWX6R-N1QQFwww.vbconversions.com
VB.Net to C.Sharp Converter 1.46 Name: <> S/N: 96!!!-!!3!!-!!!!!-!!!!!-!!!!! By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.vbconversions.com/
VBConversions VB.Net to C# Coqnverter 1.47 S/N: TYWAW-RKB2W-AUPLH-DWX6R-N1QQFwww.vbconversions.com
VersionBackup Master Name: alkavour S/N: 989040165223 By Alkavour (23/01/2006)http://www.versionbackup.sb-aw.com/
Video Convert Master 3.4 Name: GeFcReW Company: GeFcReW s/n: VCM5947428www.video-convert-master.com
VideoList Plus 3.7.6 Name: AGAiN tEAM s/n: 12223www.wakefieldsoft.com
ViewCompanion Pro 3.38 Name: choose any username/company… S/N: VP3-FF-97958-A3D78156 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.softwarecompanions.com/
Virtual DJ Studio 3.4 Name: team-hs s/n: 7E05-98A6-59DE-8481-29www.ngwave.com
Virtual Drive 10.0 Professional Name: superhacker S/N: BSP10803003051563822 or BSP10100109299668434 If You crack or serial contact with me :thientailaptrinh@yahoo.comhttp://www.dhgnam.badongo.com
Virtualdrive 7 S/N: VDP713051122430 (null)
Virtualdrive 8.0 Name: name: free S/N: VDP80009008697823491 or VDP80005809527697705 or VDP80005606109878136 or VDP80004807442437496 or VDP80002901346204173 or VDP80008900197498261 or VDP80001302322367528 or (null)
Visual Basic 2005 Express S/N: QZCXGNKPGMDP3B (null)
Visual Business Cards 4.04 Name: TEAM ViRiLiTY s/n: RKS-5549679www.rkssoftware.com
Visual Imagemapper 3.1 Name: Team PARANOiA s/n: 6CWMY4WXVBGER5E9www.sofasitters.net
Visual Webcreator 1.0.650 Name: Team PARANOiA s/n: 6D9WJXDK22Q6MNV5www.sofasitters.net
VividLyrics 2.4 Name: Alkavour S/N: 0035-0381-0059-4632 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.vividlyrics.com/
VMWare 5.5.0-18463 S/N: E3R68-P8QFD-N014A-4MXZP (null)
Voxengo CurveEQ VST 2.1 s/n: 0BEA-7092-258C-D185-A0F8www.voxengo.com
Voxengo Vintage Modulator VST 1.0 s/n: VXVMD1.0-529888-039033www.voxengo.com
WaveMaker MP3 to WAV Converter 2.3 Name: Bauer Lindemann s/n: 506CF00-84EC754-35BF24Fwww.sumanasa.com
Web Page Finder 2.2.3 Name: TeaM BRD s/n1: 989898 s/n2: je8c6DoJXdRqjSVc9aowUd75jwww.net-equities.com
Webexpert French 6.05.1 Name: nGen team s/n: HAFB-75MC-HVFB-CMQK software.visicommedia.com
Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise 2.0 s/n: ADNQHK-NOBW-MKZR-FPJS-ETUGLZRXCHEDBAwww.webroot.com
Willing Webcam 2.6 Name: TeaM aCMe s/n: 4920FD554309www.willingsoftware.com
Win Patrol v9.8.1.0: Name: Zer0 || REVENGE S/N: WO-2025529282 Tried this older version (WinPatrol Plus v7.0.0.3)and it worked (null)
Winace 2.6 Name: Lord Blix/TSZ S/N: ACEKW2W52CIUGTVG3YPVRNSEVE1 (null)
WinAgenda 2.0 R6 Name: TEAM CAT 2005 s/n: WA2-17225752783380 koyotstar.free.fr
Winamp Pro V. Name: sTaLkEr S/N: 7HJSM-YN9TQ-FSMC4-7ZH00http://www.winamp.com
Winamp >5.0 Name: The KiNG S/N: WVRE4-ADMQ0-2NK2N-43T50www.winamp.com
Winamp 5.08e Name: nGen team s/n: 7R25U-7LXNE-6ZH62-EMDXNwww.winamp.com
Winamp 5.x Name: The KiNG S/N: VJ106-NCFTY-B4HDN-7W99Wwww.winamp.com
Winamp 5.xx (Full) Name: Morgan_x2 S/N: W0Y8Q-79T1V-MM8YQ-UXBCSwww.winamp.com
WinASO Registry Optimizer 2.0.5 s/n: 7303900966814009www.winaso.com
WinBlit Speedread 2.7 Name: tam/CORE s/n: 83AA763FF5592D317DE999FE0www.winblit.com
Window Washer 4 S/N: 7353138 (null)
Windows Grep Name: alkavour S/N: 312802572 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.wingrep.com
windows mibile 2003 second edition S/N: 8552v65vf5f5v5ff5v5v (null)
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise German Enterprise Edition Name: p0lyt0x S/N: JCHM7-R96T7-346WJ-YKH2W-RWKVM es gibt keine funzende bei euch, deswegen hab ich ma diese submitted. (null)
Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 english 2003 R2 64bit S/N: JPG64-99R3T-KJ2KC-DH3HQ-HFBF3 (null)
Windows Server 2003 x32 deutsch 2003 x32 S/N: JB938-DTR2M-3HHMD-V4DXQ-RQ3HM CTYVR-8RB3J-W3MFW-HJF4P-8J3HM (null)
Windows Vista BETA1 x64 Beta1 english 64bit S/N: TCP8W-T8PQJ-WWRRH-QH76C-99FBW (null)
windows xp 2005 professional 2005 S/N: yvgkq-b7qyx-wwpbr-m7t2r-pb8bm (null)
windows xp 2005 professional 2005 S/N: yvgkq-b7qyx-wwpbr-m7t2r-pb8bm (null)
WINDOWS XP key 1.0 Name: WINDOWS XP key S/N: DMY26-78CX9-Q89DP-Q8QK8-VF2B8 (null)
Windows XP Professional 64-bit Corporate Edition 5.2.3790.1830 S/N: VCFQD-V9FX9-46WVH-K3CD4-4J3JMwww.microsoft.com
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition 2003 S/N: B2RBK-7KPT9-4JP6X-QQFWM-PJD6G (100 % Funktionsfähig) (null)
Windows XP Sp1 2002 S/N: fckgw-rhqq2-yxrkt-8tg6w-2b7q8 (null)
Windows XP x64 64bit deutsch S/N: VCFQD-V9FX9-46WVH-K3CD4-4J3JM (null)
Windows XP home edition S/N: QJ8QV-M94PB-2PB3R-T3XBP-8P9VM (null)
Windows XP PRO Corporate S/N: Key: MQPWW-PGVKX-YPMKG-8DH3G-KC8PW (null)
Windows XP Pro S/N: PM732-VDYT8-27YHH-QMMB7-CXPYM (null)
Windows 98 S/N: WJXC4-BK4Y4-G4QJ8-F82FH-KHYTB, D8B33-37942-FJHGR-WBKJ9-DFQT6www.microsoft.com
Windows XP 64 S/N: B2RBK-7KPT9-4JP6X-QQFWM-PJD6Gwww.microsoft.com
Windows XP S/N: K6C2K-KY62K-DQR84-RD4QV-QB74Qwww.microsoft.com
windows2000 pro sp 4 S/N: X05-22783 CS (null)
Windvd 7.0 B27.130 Name: saqib S/N: E-mail: safa_uk@yahoo.com PASS: safa12 Serial No: X299APWM-M84EN5U2-X8DPQD93-QAHUBCD9 CB No. 8237 Work 100% just copy and paste Keep visiting this infomative site Thnx for great work keepit up (null)
WinEbook Compiler 2.3 s/n: theAnchorHOLDSwww.superwin.com
Winguard Pro 2006 6.0.11 Name: any name you want S/N: 94856-04309-02836-50505-49586 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.winguardpro.com
Winguard Pro 2006 6.0.8 Name: Anyname S/N: 94856-23934-93845-40404-94857 By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.winguardpro.com
Win-HaBu 8.4.1w s/n: 9rmb32umgq mcrichter.macbay.de
WinHex 12.75 SR3 Name:www.bg-warez.org S/N: Addr1: “AGAiN HQ” Addr2: “AGAiN HQ” Key1: 3475772E029C88D18A6706B8754BCF71 Key2: B1F2D403FAA09547029CA50B41444CF4 Chksm: 91 By Alkavour (24/01/2006)http://www.winhex.com/winhex.zip
WinHoros 2.1 R2 Name: Bernd Ganzer s/n: 243-3169293-46995438-FJTU-OEFCwww.winhoros.de
WINner Tweak SE2 2.9.0 Name: Team Cafe s/n: 6RC3924N8D2R3KY8www.winnertweak.com
Winoptimizer Suite 3.00 S/N: AWPSC2-7731FC-179DA3 (null)
WinPatrol E-Mail: UnderPl@Team.com s/n: 4P61367134www.winpatrol.com
WinPlosion 2.18 S/N: 2FCB-C9BD44-F4DF (null)
WinRAR 3.40 S/N: RAR registration data Virtual Single PC usage license UID=407d33baa31d99bd998e 6412212250998e5fb5052ea455d7b3f00668893800e9f5594a 56b2 d7639dbd21fcdf47d0646035c6ab9048e2c5c62f0238f183d2 8519 aa87488bf38f5b634cf28190bdf438ac593b1857cdb55a7fcb 0eb0 c3e4 Put all of the registration data in a file called “C:\program files\winrar\rarreg.key”http://www.winrar.de
WinRAR 3.51 S/N: RAR registration data Eric Blanc Single PC usage license UID=cf406101f338727ed323 6412212250d3231bbd75e709e1c7b2bdbf7ec57818de5bad38 e0ba c8c58271749eb746f0386035c6ab9048e2c5c62f0238f183d2 8519 aa87488bf38f5b634cf28190bdf438ac593b1857cdb55a7fcb 0eb0 c copy entire serial to notepad, save, rename file rarreg.key NOTE by .key i mean change the file from a text extension (.txt) to .key, then copy this file and put it in the same folder where winrar is installed.http://www.winrar.de
WinRAR V. 3.51 Ger Name: In die rarreg.key eintragen und in den winrar ordner : S/N: RAR registration data Hector Carayiannis Single PC usage license UID=d128fe3d752f88cc2ac8 64122122502ac8c262f03d73a08223520907b0a712cfc0f724 4917 42f46a58bc9c82e50b516035c6ab9048e2c5c62f0238f183d2 8519 aa87488bf38f5b634cf28190bdf438ac593b1857cdb55a7fch ttp://www.winrar.de
WinReporter 3.05 S/N: 9ZMCY2p8MbR4nKJVvzje6xqZ By Alkavour (14/01/2006)http://www.isdecisions.com/
WinSuperKit 6.0.559 Name: Team Cafe s/n: 8e7371de88842c7b9cdb56f1ac3d2615www.mjksoft.com
Winter 3D Screensaver 1.0 S/N: Name: (Your name) S/N: SLASNJ3QUWwww.digimindsoft.com
WinTools.net Professional 5.1.1 s/n: 3120582002-146YGJUYRHGKUIYwww.wintools.net
WinXMedia DVD MPEG AVI Converter 3.1.36a S/N: CRW-O04X7-XAL2B-JIKL8-RPZ24-PB7CI-CUWK1 By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.winxmedia.net/
Winzip Pro 10.0 Bulid 6685 10.0 Bulid 6685 S/N: Registration Name : PANKAJ_12141619 (null)
WinZip 10.0 Name: Randy_vanDijk@hotmail.com S/N: DNRCV-A3QWJ-EQQEQ-QU51T-TN6JWwww.winzip.com
WinZip 9.0.6224.SR1 Name: BLZ-TEAM s/n: C80D07D1www.winzip.com
WinZip 9SR Name: RAKESH KUMAR KAMLESH S/N: 21A03477www.winzip.com
Wiseworx Xtrim Catalog 2004 0.9 s/n: FE13AC5680BF1F962426B6913245C489www.wiseworx.com
Wiseworx.NET XButton 1.5.0 s/n: 42A03AD5BDED43FD82E37D7C62AF0340www.wiseworx.com
Wiseworx.NET XListbox 1.1.0 s/n: 72B9F33CA6040B5AC6FC355B0FE3120Fwww.wiseworx.com
Womble MPEG Video Wizard 06.2005 S/N: MVW-MPEG2-W3WX0TZ1NJGPWG By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.womble.com/
WordWeb Pro 4.1 s/n: 401873921678110 wordweb.info
Xara Xs 1 S/N: XXS-6395-4256-2935 (null)
Xilisoft 3GP Video Converter S/N: BRD-BH4JILSOLY6KI6M-3173-D766-CCC3-387F By Alkavour (29/01/2006)http://www.xilisoft.com/
Xilisoft Audio Converter s/n: T7YY3SU63ZNGFZ4YA6SAADE6-AD29-3393-7C8Bwww.xilisoft.com
Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper s/n: 1F9F-D1ED-6226-04FA-5C63-0F5D-9D71-E0BEwww.xilisoft.com
Xilisoft DVD Ripper SE s/n: 4631-6C9D-B8FF-86F1-A503-92E2-A60D-C29Bwww.xilisoft.com
Xilisoft Video Converter Name: tam/CORE s/n: 429300258809671278564686-E838-5253-48E2www.xilisoft.com
XnView 1.80 Final Name: TEAM WDYL-WTN S/N: 3712110247 By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.xnview.com/
Xoft Spy 4.19 S/N: User: iranianpep.com Code: 00725521486-210456327http://www.paretologic.com/
XoftSpy 4.10 Name: TEAM ACME s/n: 0000000006-5232404303www.paretologic.com
XP Recovery CD Maker 1.01.06 s/n: REP575TMC xp-recovery-cd.com
XPepius Name: sotona S/N: 7D4296F63BBC or name:alkavour sn:0DC2B6C6CBBA By Alkavour (10/01/2006)http://www.geocities.com/xpepius/
xsoftspy v 4.21 S/N: name=pogs serial=0000000006 5224444345 (null)
X-Ways Davory 2.0.3 “Name: “”BRD”” Addr1: “”BRD”” Addr2: “”BRD”” Key1: F8543B45524E5E684FA0E152F8413054 Key2: 5C75A14B7E6E5F90E7D8C9156DD4B3F9 Chksm: BB”www.x-ways.net
Yaldex Colored ScrollBars 1.1 s/n: 2h8v4c5uMi16 yaldex.com
Yanicsoft WinXP Manager 4.89 Name: king_KINK s/n: KPKUZ-XSOFX-CVXIL-UDIZK winxpmanager.nease.net
Yanicsoft WinXP Manager 4.89.1 Name: king_KINK s/n: KPKUZ-XSOFX-CVXIL-UDIZK winxpmanager.nease.net
Yummy Puzzle 1.04 Name: Team EXPLOSiON s/n: Q1R8-V0T6-H1S7www.ninjalab.com
Zamtee Audio Recorder 1.0 Name: TEAM CAT 2005 s/n: 1962469973www.zamtee.dnsalias.com
Zip Express Name: Team EXPLOSiON s/n: 1C78-D02B-3554-6FCBwww.getzips.com
Zmei Mail Sender 1.12 Name: NiTROUS s/n: 59522-10380708-3611780www.zmei-soft.com
#Spyware X-terminator
Version: N/A
Name: Richard Emerson
#spy sweeper
Version: 3.2.0 (Build 146)
Active Shields block Syware BEFORE it reaches you’re PC. Powerful detection and removal methods completely eradicate existing spyware.
#BPS SpyWare/Adware Remover
Version: 8.2.0
Name: SoftReef Lab E-mail: softreef@thelab.com s/n: 9ERRXEYP5I5IIW8
#Scan Spyware
S/N: 5426-7451-2543
Version: 2005
URL: spykiller.com
Name: spykiller 2005 with best popup killer
S/N: Name: Aurison Junges
Email: (just type any)
s/n: 8867744131608245
the best spyware program, with popup killer (works good too)
#Spyware Doctor
S/N: License Name: THAN GIANG NAM S/N: 248C-0198-B029-A687-825E-DFF0-A69F-9D1C-7DE7-421E
Name: Trizvi
S/N: Licensed to: THAN GIANG NAM
License code: 248C-0198-B029-A687-825E-DFF0-A69F-9D1C-7DE7-421E
#Adware Spyware Removal
Version: 4.01
s/n: LMSi7p-0QspLa-Mjhn7U-9ie6c7
#Steganos Antispyware 2006
Version: 8.4.3 ( Build 395)
Name: from Tumult
#ZoneAlarm with Anti-Spyware
Version: 6.1.514.000
S/N: 739c1-ipb99-r6eni-fb3vm7-m3qnc0
SN: 89bm5-ts77e-q0ti9-brvvht-eugtk0
SN: cnu6i-6bj2h-vfca8-cvevp9-hng300
By Alkavour (30/10/05)
#Adware Agent
Version: 4.81
s/n: 10408312
Version: 3.0
Name: Bono/FFF s/n: AUGM8-8ZGBR-KRE89
#Adware Spy
Version: 2.0
s/n: LMSi7p-0QspLa-Mjhn7U-9ie6c7
#Adware Away
Name: TEAM VRL E-Mail: team@vrl.com s/n: RT7H56-BAMQ8
#PC AdWare SpyWare Removal
Version: 2.10
S/N: 5BA20D39DA5CDAA1642C
username:TEAM DVT
indonesiaindonesia.com (By Alkavour 17/11/2005)

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